1, 2, 3 Baby Come Give It To Me - How To Have Multiple Orgasms

One orgasm is great —  so who wouldn’t want more than one in a row? While not everyone can experience multiple orgasms, they are more likely to occur with practice and patience. 

What Are Multiple Orgasms?

Multiple orgasms are generally defined as orgasms that occur back to back within one sexual session. They can happen alone or with a partner. They’re distinct from edging, which is staying on the cusp of orgasm for a long time. However, as we’ll discuss below, edging can help people achieve multiple orgasms later.‌‌

Multiple orgasms do not pose major health risks and usually don’t hurt. However, prolonged sexual activity does have the potential to irritate sensitive skin. Make sure to have lube nearby for whenever you need it.

‌How many orgasms are we talking? Most people with vaginas can have up to five, but there is no consensus on the most they can have. People with penises can also have multiple orgasms, although this has been less studied. 

Gender Differences in Multiple Orgasms

It is commonly stated that people with vaginas don’t have refractory periods — that is, that there isn’t a set amount of time after an orgasm where they can’t orgasm again. But is this actually true? And do all people with penises have to wait a long time between orgasms? 


First of all, people with vaginas do have refractory periods — but they can be very short. For people with vaginas, a few seconds may be all that is needed for arousal and thus orgasm to be able to occur again. At the same time, this varies widely from person to person. 

‌Around one-third of people with vaginas report having multiple orgasms. For some people with vaginas that have short refractory periods, orgasms can feel more like waves of pleasure than distinct bursts.

‌If your partner has a vagina, keep in mind that you may not have to wait long after they have orgasmed to begin stimulation again. In fact, continuing stimulation can help them have multiple orgasms. Every person is different though, so make sure to communicate with them about their preferences. 


A review of studies about males with multiple orgasms showed that less than 10 percent of men have experienced multiple orgasms. However, multiple orgasms are more likely to occur in men that have practiced to get them. It was also shown to happen more in men that use sex toys (more about that in a bit). 

‌People with penises who do experience multiple orgasms likely aren’t ejaculating every time. Orgasm and ejaculation are two distinct processes, and separating the two in your mind may help you reach orgasm more than once. 

‌A review from 2013 suggests that people with penises do have longer refractory periods on average, ranging from minutes to hours rather than seconds as with people with vaginas. This may be due to a stronger response from the male body’s peripheral nervous system. 

Bottom Line

Everyone who experiences orgasm also experiences the refractory period, regardless of genitals. However, people with penises do tend to have longer refractory periods and may need to work harder to have multiple orgasms. The length of refractory periods grows for both men and women as they age, and orgasm in general can become more difficult to achieve. 

How To Get More Multiple Orgasms

If you haven’t experienced multiple orgasms before, that doesn’t mean you can’t. There are several options to try. Whether or not you can have multiple orgasms, all of these tips can help you have more control over your orgasms and make them even more satisfying. 

Give Edging a Try

Edging is a form of orgasm control that may help you get a better grip on what exactly makes you orgasm. It involves stopping stimulation right before an orgasm occurs. After the body has calmed down a bit, stimulation can begin again. This process is repeated several times before reaching orgasm. The end orgasm is thought to be more pleasurable, and it can help people who have premature orgasms learn to last longer. 

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises designed to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles can improve sexual performance in people with vaginas and people with penises. Since you can’t see your pelvic floor muscles, they may feel mysterious and out of your control. However, strengthening these muscles can make a huge difference in how powerful orgasms feel. Try exercising your pelvic muscles once a day while brushing your teeth. 

Try a Different Kind of Orgasm

If you’re used to clitoral orgasms, try focusing on your G-spot or your breasts on round two. If you’re used to penile orgasms, try prostate stimulation. Stimulating a different part of your body could bring about another, distinct climax from the first.

Switch It Up

After the first orgasm, changing positions and approach may help reset your mind. If you were going slow in Missionary position for the first round, try a quick and dirty Doggy Style for the second.

Get To Know Your Kinks 

If you have a kink you’ve always wanted to try, communicate that to your partner to see if they would be on board to try it. The psychological stimulation that comes with masochism, for example, may give you an extra dose of stimulation that sends you over the edge more than once. 

Sex Toys Can Help

As mentioned above, sex toys can help you achieve multiple orgasms. We have a few suggestions.‌

Orgasmic G

After a clitoral orgasm, try getting a G-spot orgasm with the Orgasmic G. This one is waterproof and perfect for getting multiple orgasms in the shower. 

Penguin Next Generation USB Rechargeable Silicone Clitoris Stimulator

This is one of the cutest clitoris stimulators we’ve ever seen — and it can propel you into multiple orgasms. The Penguin Clitoris Stimulator is specifically designed to work best underwater. Get ready for baths to be a lot more fun. 

Mighty One

The Mighty One is a cock ring to rule them all. Maintain your erections longer and give your partner a little extra stimulation to help send them — and you — into multiple orgasm territory. 

Vector Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Prostate Massage

If you’ve never stimulated your prostate before, get ready for a treat. The Vector stimulates the prostate and the perineum, making it an excellent choice for climaxing again after a penile orgasm. 

Aande Silicone Warming Prostate Massager

Here’s another great prostate massager that is a great option if you aren’t a fan of vibration. A comfortable handle and smart design make it easy to maneuver. This one also warms, making for a delightful sensation.


While not everyone can achieve multiple orgasms right away, the trial and error of finding out if you can is a lot of fun. The techniques used to achieve multiple orgasms can also help you have more stimulating orgasms in general. 


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