Just Bead It — What Are Anal Beads?

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When it comes to butt play, anal beads tend to get left out in the cold. Maybe it’s because they look intimidating. At first glance, it’s hard to guess how to use anal beads.

Anyone curious about butt play has likely found themselves wondering, “What do anal beads do?” We’re here to shed some light on this oft-overlooked sex toy. You’re about to learn all about the ingenious invention that provides anal stimulation during foreplay, sex, and sensual solo time.

No matter your gender, experience level, or sexual preference, anal pleasure is universal.

What Are Anal Beads?

Although they come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes — anal beads are a series of graduated, connected spherical or oval-shaped beads.

At one end you’ll find a loop or a handle. This is important since toys can get lost inside the rectum. Whether it’s a handle or a flared base, always make sure your anal toys have a retrieval method.

Construction materials vary. It’s important to prioritize quality because anal beads made out of the wrong material can easily get gross. Silicone is a go-to material of choice since it’s body-friendly, easy to disinfect, and non-porous. You can also look for anal beads made from:

  • ABS plastic
  • TPS rubber
  • Glass
  • Stainless steel

How Do Anal Beads Work?

When they’re completely inserted, they give the pleasurable sensation of fullness. But the real fun starts when you take them out. As you release each bead, it provides a lovely little ‘pop’ that stimulates the clustered nerve endings around the anal opening.

What do anal beads feel like? They provide a series of enjoyable sensations on par with an erotic massage. That’s both while they’re moving inside you and as you pull them out. They can also bring you to climax and magnify the intensity of your orgasms.

How to insert anal beads depends on your experience level, but one of the most important things to do is to relax. They can be inserted slowly to stimulate internal erogenous zones. For some, that might mean the prostate, also called the male G-spot. If you have a vagina, then it’s all about the A-spot. Anal penetration can directly stimulate the prostate and indirectly excite the A-spot.

After getting relaxed, slip into a comfortable position. Go slow and put the beads in one at a time. If you’re playing with a partner, check in with them to make sure things are feeling good down there as you go. Stop wherever feels best. You don’t have to use the entire toy.

Once in, they’ll give you that full feeling and stimulate you from the inside as you move around. You can keep them there or pull them out at whatever pace works for you. Whether masturbating or having sex with a partner, it can be particularly exciting to wait until climax to pull them out.

Slip ’N Slide

The anus is not self-lubricating, so using lubes is non-negotiable. Water-based lubes are popular since they don’t negatively react with silicone toys, unlike silicone-based lubricants. But if you like things really slick and slippery, an oil-based lube is a great way to go.

When they’re properly lubed up, anal beads can provide a world of satisfaction. After all, what are anal beads for if not to experiment?

Ensuring your toys are properly cleaned before and after use is critical. We know some of the spiciest experiences can happen spontaneously, so you should always be prepared with mild antibacterial soap or a dedicated sex toy cleanser.

How to clean anal beads is straightforward — just give them a good scrub with soap and warm water or a cleaning solution. If they’re dishwasher safe, you can go that route, or you can boil them.

If you’re sharing your beads between partners or pleasure centers of your own, you need to clean them meticulously between each use and consider using a condom. Otherwise, you can transfer infection-causing bacteria or worse — STIs.

Variety Is the Spice of Life

There are endless options to suit every taste. For beginners, a basic set of three or four beads offers a solid place to start experimenting. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can level up to longer and bigger beads. You can also look for anal beads that:

  • Vibrate — to amplify those pleasurable sensations
  • Offer double penetration — for solo and partner fun
  • Double as a butt plug — for the best of both worlds
  • Double as a prostate massager — for a mind-blowing orgasm
  • Sport a C-ring — to go bigger and get harder for longer

Don’t confuse anal beads with butt plugs and prostate massagers. Anal beads provide the bulk of their pleasure from removal, whereas butt plugs are dedicated to that feeling of fullness and weight. Prostate massagers are specifically designed to massage the prostate and sometimes the perineum — the area between the anus and scrotum or vulva.

Safety First

Sexual gratification is important, but so are your health and wellbeing. You already know that using non-porous, body-safe materials and being extremely clean is vital. But there are a few other things you should do to keep yourself and your beloved b-hole in top condition:

  • Replace worn-out or old anal beads. Over time they can become ragged or sharp.
  • Go bigger or faster only when you’re ready.
  • Keep the conversation going. Always communicate with your partner during use so you’re on the same page.
  • Never take anal beads straight from the anus to a vagina, unless you want a nasty infection.

Are Anal Beads for Men or Women?

If you have a butthole, anal beads are for you. How to use anal beads for men depends on experience level. Try them out during masturbation to get used to them. You can also wear them while giving or getting oral or having penetrative sex. You can use them as a trainer to prepare for pegging, too.

For women, much of the same applies. Anal beads are ideal for wearing during masturbation and penetrative sex. You can also get a dedicated set for the vagina to hit those deep, toe-curling spots. When combined with clitoral stimulation, your orgasms will be out of this world.

Here are a few more tips to consider during self-stimulation and couple time:

  • Rub anal beads back and forth against your or your partner’s perineum.
  • Experiment with different materials and temperatures. Rigid glass warms up with your body, while flexible silicone has lots of give and take.
  • Play around with different speeds, pulling beads out slowly and quickly to see what excites you.
  • Squeeze and release your anus a few times before climax for a more intense orgasm.
  • Let your partner control the beads for a thrill.
  • Use them alongside your favorite sex toys for an unforgettable sensual experience.

Top Selling Anal Beads on Peachwood

Anal stimulation is for everybody. Go forth and experiment to find the one that works for you. We guarantee it’ll be a good time.

The best anal beads are the ones that get you going. Here are our top five anal beads for people of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels.

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Easy three bead pink silicone anal beads

Ms Dark Scepter Vibe Silicone Anal Beads | $74.00

Premium flexible silicone buzzing booty wand


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