How To Use a Butt Plug: A Wide-Open Guide


how to use a butt plug

Most people trace the first butt plug officially on the market to a product called “Dr. Young’s Rectal Dilator,” used to cure anything from insanity to constipation in the 1930s. Unfortunately, Dr. Young’s was shut down by the FDA in 1940 as “it would be dangerous to health when used with the frequency and duration prescribed.”

Today, however, we know that butt plugs safely cure insanity — just kidding!

Since then, the market has undoubtedly shifted to accommodate our modern acceptance — even embrace — of anal play. Butt plugs are a must for people who love anal play or would love to try it. Used solo or with a partner, they can be delightful and have an easy-insert design.

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What Is a Butt Plug?

A butt plug is a sex toy that, well, plugs your butt. It commonly has a pointed tip for easy insertion and then a wider or rounded part on the bottom.

You can use butt plugs alone or with a partner. Men and people with prostates can stimulate and produce an intense anal orgasm using butt plugs and the same rule applies to women and people without prostates.

There are many different shapes, sizes, materials, and functions to accommodate body types, anal stretching, and sexual preference. Whatever level or vibe you’re at with anal play, there’s probably a butt plug designed for you.

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Things to Know When Buying a Butt Plug

For Beginners

If you’re new to butt plugs, always remember that any anal play requires lubricant and preparation. If you use too large a toy, don’t use enough lube, or tense up, you can hurt yourself. If anything feels like too much, immediately stop and switch something up — this is all about pleasure.

Some things to keep in mind if you’re a beginner shopping for a butt plug:

  • Silicone is the most porous and flexible of any of the accepted butt plug materials. You’ll probably see other plugs on the market made of glass or steel, but it’s best to opt for something made of silicone as a beginner, as it has more give. A small silicone plug is a great option to start with.

  • Anal beads. Much smaller and more versatile than a full-on butt plug, anal beads are an enjoyable way to start yourself off and not get overwhelmed. Anal play is an art, and too much too soon is not so much fun. Consider purchasing the Adam & Eve Butt Beads.

  • Anal rimmers. Many anal rimmer vibrators can vibrate around the anus and then eventually go in. Along with anal beads, rimmers can meet you where you are to build intensity and pleasure gradually.

  • Smaller butt plugs. Seriously, you want to start with whatever size you are. Once you get used to the size you have, your body will expand, and then you’ll be ready for a bigger option. The Rouge Anal Butt Plug is about the size that most beginners might want to start with.

For Advanced Practitioners

Here are some options that might make things even more exciting if you’re familiar with butt plugs:

  • Larger plugs. Options like the Galileo would be great for someone who’s comfortable with anal play. This one is also heat resistant, so you can play around with the temperature of the plug.
  • Anal gapers. These are a wider and more intense plug designed to stretch your anus. The Fantasy Elite is a great product to try for this.
  • Weighted butt plugs. Adding some weight to the plug is a perfect way to intensify and target this sensitive area. Try the Adam & Eve Pink Gem for this.
    • Vibrating plugs. A vibrating anal bead toy or any vibrating plug will readily add some spice to whatever anal play you’re engaging in.


What Are Butt Plugs Used For?

what butt plugs are used for?

Butt plugs are used either to achieve an orgasm or enhance a sexual experience. While orgasms are incredible and encouraged, sometimes people use butt plugs as a bonus to another type of sexual activity. For example, you can use a butt plug for a double-penetration experience while having vaginal intercourse.

Butt plugs can also be used as primers to stretch the skin and make way for more advanced anal play. Additionally, they can be used in kink play and worn in public for a kinky sub/dom situation. Who would ever know?

What Do Butt Plugs Do From a Sexual/Stimulation Angle?

Gender isn’t real, but obviously, prostates are. From a technical point of view, based on what body parts you have, you may choose different options.

For Cis-Gendered Women or People With Vaginas

If you don’t have a prostate, anal stimulation is more of an indirect stimulation or an indirect orgasm. The anus and anal canal have a lot of nerve endings. Many even speculate that either a part of the clitoris or the nerve ending of the clitoris is near the anus.

Either way, butt plugs for people with vaginas are best used for anal stretching, stimulation, or double penetration. To orgasm anally, you might need to use something longer, but it all depends on your body.

For Cis-Gendered Men or People With Penises

The prostate is a very sensation-rich part of the body. It can be accessed both through the anal canal and also externally via massage. Depending on the butt plug or your body, you can also get an orgasm by stimulating the prostate with a butt plug.

These orgasms are very intense and can result in a milky, special type of cum and help relieve certain kinds of erectile dysfunction.


Butt plugs are made with an array of materials. The most popular are silicone, glass, and metal, but others are made from latex, stone, wood, and plastic.

Some butt plugs have special features, like vibrations. Some come in a kit of increasingly larger sizes to help with anal stretching. A kit like the Adam & Eve Anal Plug Set is ideal to do this with.

Butt plugs that are made for stretching have a much smaller shaft. Others are made for prostate stimulation and can be quite long.

Some plugs can radically inflate or change size (check out the Anal Fantasy Elite). Other options can spurt water to mimic ejaculation into the anus. You can even find butt plugs with fur that mimic having an animal tail.

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How To Insert a Butt Plug?

It can’t be said enough: The anus doesn’t lubricate itself. You won’t get naturally lubricated when having anal sex — you need to apply a lubricant. If you use butt plugs made of silicone, use a lubricant that’s not silicone-based, like a water-based product.

After you apply your lube, slip a finger into your butt or have a partner slip a finger in. Relax with the finger inside. Play around and see what feels good. Maybe that was a lot — perhaps you aren’t ready for more.

If you are ready for more — only because it feels good — take out your finger and slowly insert the butt plug. If it doesn’t feel good, take it out and go back to finger play or whatever else you want.

How To Clean a Butt Plug?

After you use your butt plugs, wash them in hot, soapy water. Wash your hands with hot, soapy water as well. Don’t let the bacteria from the plug get into any sensitive body parts. Especially if you have a vagina, the bacteria from your butt can cause significant issues.

After you wash the butt plug, you can either disinfect it or put it in the dishwasher, depending on the material. You can put a silicone plug in the dishwasher, but other types should be boiled in hot water.

As an added layer of protection, sanitize and clean your toys with a product such as Doc Johnson’s Natural Toy Cleaner.


Have you ever heard of penetrative intercourse that was too wet? Chances are, with anal play, you’re going to need a lot more lubricant than you think because other forms of penetration have natural lubricants.

You should also avoid lubricants that give numbing or tingling sensations. You should feel all the sensations that come from using the butt plug so that you can stop if anything hurts. If the plug hurts at all, take it out. This is supposed to be about pleasure.

Lastly, keep your anal play and other types of sex separate. After using a butt plug, wash your hands and make sure to keep the plug separate from any other sensitive areas. The bacteria from the anus can cause infections and other health issues.

The Final Word

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