Is It the Size of the Ship or the Motion of the Ocean — Does Penis Size Matter?

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You hear it every day: Size matters. Whether it’s your car, house, or tax refund, we’re constantly told that bigger is better. And when it comes to our bodies, society doubles down. But for every penis-owner with a different size, there is someone out there who would love to experience it. What gets people off is highly individual.

“What penis size do women prefer?” You might obsess over that question but no matter what you’re packing, there is always a way to please your partner.

Make Way for the Queens

What about those self-styled ‘size queens’? These are the people — men and women alike — who prefer partners with larger penises. The preference can be for oral, anal, and vaginal sex. Size queens have all sorts of reasons for their preference. They may enjoy the feeling of being stretched, the idea of deep-throating, the visual, or even a bit of pain.

There is some science to back up that larger dicks are better for vaginal climax. However, plenty of women will tell you that the majority of their orgasms come from clitoral stimulation. And for that, there’s no penis required.

If you’re reading this and you’re packing the meat, don’t worry. You don’t need to put “size queens only” on your dating profile. What penis size is considered big? Depends on who you ask. Some feel 7–8 inches is big, while certain size queens will settle for nothing under nine.

While it’s possible to hurt someone during sex, that doesn’t have to be the case. Take those long, deep strokes slowly and see how they affect your companion. Communication and patience are key here. Play around with different angles and positions until you find the ones that feel just right. Plenty of people love missionary and doggy style when a large penis is involved. Don’t forget that a little oral can go a long way, too.

Size queens are only a small portion of the population. One study asked over 26,000 women if size mattered, and 84% said they were satisfied with their partner’s dimensions. Few wanted smaller or bigger and the majority were just fine with the average measurements.

Meeting the Average

What is the average penis size? There have been plenty of studies on this too — from the US to the UK, Europe, Asia, and beyond. Most inquiries churn out a similar ballpark measurement of about 5–6.5 inches in length and between 4–5 inches in girth when fully erect. This doesn’t vary much around the world, but averages get slightly smaller the further east you go.

You’ve likely heard the old wives tale that hands, fingers, feet, and height can tell you about a person’s manhood, but that’s just not true. To find out for sure, you’ll just have to get down and dirty.

Making Better Moves

If you’re on the less-endowed side, there’s no reason to panic or feel ashamed. Big doesn’t always equal better and sex is so much more than penetration. Deep kissing, massaging, and oral is just as important. And if you’re confident, warm, sexually adventurous, and have a sense of humor, you’ve already won half the battle.

What penis size is considered small? Usually, a member that measures under 4 inches when erect. Micropenises clock in at 3–2/3 inches or less. There are absolutely women out there who crave more diminutive dicks. About 2% of those aforementioned 26,000 women wished their man was on the smaller side.

Just like with size queens, reasons vary. They may like the aesthetic appeal and the fact that it won’t cause pain and is easy to work with. Often, men with small penises take the time to learn how to be amazing lovers with mad oral skills, and many women realize that. Finally, some ladies want to stay tight and don’t appreciate that stretching feeling size queens love.

Don’t forget that vaginas vary in size and shape too. Someone with a small or narrow vagina may well want a partner with a penis to match.

If you’re working with a minute package, tips for pleasurable sex include:

  • Dedicating time to foreplay
  • Using pillows under the pelvis for deeper penetration
  • Playing with different positions to find what feels good
  • Experimenting with sex toys like dildos, stimulating sleeves, and vibrating c-rings

There’s no shame in picking up a few toys to ramp up your bedroom fun. That goes for people of all shapes and sizes. Whether you want to try strap-ons, wearable extenders, or massage wands — Peachwood has you covered.

Measuring Up

How to measure penis size depends on whether you’re flaccid or erect. Both measurements count, but most people go by the erect numbers. The length is typically measured using a ruler, beginning from the base at the groin to the tip. For girth, wrap a measuring tape around the widest part of the shaft. It’s that simple.

For many, there’s not much you can do about your dick’s dimensions. Genetics, ethnicity, and hormone exposure during growth are the biggest factors that determine how to increase penis size. You can’t control or change that — but boy, have people tried.

From supplements and pills to surgery and pumps, men have run the gauntlet to get a bigger member. Sadly, there’s not much scientific evidence to back these up. Some can cause permanent damage, pain, and scarring.

Pills, Supplements, and Lotions

These can contain anything from vitamins, herbs, minerals, and hormones. None have been proven to work, and some might make you sick.

Vacuum Pumps

Do penis pumps increase size? For a moment. These bring blood into your member to make it swell. This can be helpful for erectile dysfunction and temporarily give you more girth. However, overusing pumps can damage your elastic tissue, which doesn’t sound sexy.

Exercises and Stretching

Some penis-owners use dedicated devices or their hands to stretch their dicks out. One exercise called jelqing requires you to make tiny tears in your skin. There’s some anecdotal evidence backing it up, but science has never weighed in on it. The change is usually minimal and can be temporary and lead to disfigurement. Does penis size matter that much? We think not.


The most expensive option out there. Surgery is usually reserved for penises that don’t function properly. Rarely is it ever performed for cosmetic reasons. Some surgeons may offer a lengthening procedure for aesthetic purposes, but it’s risky. They’ll either inject fat into your shaft or cut a ligament, and the results are nothing to rave about.

More Than Meets the Eye

What size penis do women like? Most likely, the size of the one you’ve got.

Every human is different — and that includes our bodies and sexual preferences. Some women crave large, thick penises while others adore the thin and compact. Some want girth, a nice curve, or even bulging veins, and some just don’t care at all. You might not be one person’s cup of tea, but we can guarantee there’s someone else out there who wants a taste.

Your worth is not determined by your dick. You may not have control over your measurements, but you do have control over how warm, compassionate, respectful, attentive, and caring you are. And all of that can make a difference.


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