Playing With Food: The Best Foods to Use in the Bedroom

Is there a more indulgent combo than food and sex? Combining two of life's most primal urges can get you a seriously steamy result? 

Food is the main component in dating, especially in the early, butterflies-in-your-stomach days when you go out to restaurants and bars. Starting foodplay in the bedroom can be an exciting progression that feels natural and stimulates your senses. Food play can also add some extra sweetness to your long-term relationship. It gives a whole new meaning to the term food porn.

Playing with food in the bedroom is a sexy, beginner-friendly way to spice things up. Can it get messy? Hell yes. That's all part of the dirty fun. 

Experimenting with food in the bedroom is all about how it's done. With a bit of planning, you'll be able to keep it sexy, get creative and avoid unsavory situations. 

What Does Foodplay Refer To?

foodplay refer to

Foodplay is using food in an erotic way — playing with food in a way that gets your juices flowing. 

There's a lot to unpack when it comes to food fetishes because there are many different categories. Simply put, a food fetish is sexual arousal from food. Categorically, foodplay falls into one of the types of food fetishes — scatophilia. 

Food play in the bedroom isn't anything new. It's been alluded to in subtle and not-so-subtle-ways in pop culture, from Kelis claiming her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard to American Pie's famous hole in the warm apple pie. Licking and tasting can be incredibly yummy parts of having sex, so why not take it a step further and bring edible elements into the bedroom? 

Is it Safe to Introduce Food Into the Bedroom? 

Short answer, yes. But take some precautions. Before you get busy coating yourself with whatever sticky substance stimulates you, keep in mind that it's best to keep it away from your genitals as much as possible. 

Sugary substances like honey, syrup, and fruit can be significant in the bedroom. But keep them away from the inside of the vagina, the tip of the penis, and the anus. Any changes in the delicate pH balance of the vagina could cause yeast infection or just plain irritation. And that's not sexy. 

How Common Is Foodplay? 

There aren't any studies, yet that tell us how common it is to use food in the bedroom. But rest assured, you're not alone in your foodplay fantasies. 

Dr. Justin Lehmiller surveyed 4,175 Americans about their sexual fantasies for his book, Tell Me What You Want. He discovered 13% to 19% of participants fantasize about feeding someone else during sexual play. 

So, it's not uncommon to use food during sex. The two have a lot in common. You eat, taste, and lick with your mouth and tongue. It naturally follows that you would bring those sensory delights and new flavors into the bedroom. 

Downsides of Food Play in the Bedroom

The pros of exploring foodplay solidly outweigh the cons. But there are still a few things to keep in mind before incorporating food into the bedroom. 

Make sure you know your partner's allergies. Strawberries and peanut butter can be tempting and delicious to smear on your body, but anaphylactic shock isn't something you ever want to experience. 

We know it's hard (no pun intended) but keep the substances away from the inside of your genitals. Use a piece of plastic wrap to block food from getting too far inside if you're playing around that area. Irritation is not fun, and it might take a few days — or doctor's visits — to get back to normal. 

How to Start Playing With Your Food?

How to Start Playing With Your Food

We've all been told we shouldn't play with our food. Food play in the bedroom has a naughty, forbidden air around it that can be highly arousing and titillating. 

Before you get started, keep cleanup in mind. Foodplay can get messy, so talk to your partner about how you want the session to play out. 

Will you lay a towel or an old sheet on the bed? Or maybe you'll get busy on the floor or in the bathtub. Make sure you have napkins or baby wipes on your hands, and keep a bowl nearby to dispose of things like fruit stems.  

How to Incorporate Food Into the Bedroom?

Start nice and easy. Heavy sauces and spicy foods are more likely to cause reactions on the skin, so reach for sweets and nutrition with an umami quality to start. 

If you're going for sticky, sweet sauces, use a plastic bottle with a nozzle to control the flow and make cleanup a little easier. 

Because foodplay is all about sensations, now is the time to show off your oral techniques. Switch it up between licking, sucking, nibbling, and even light biting if you've got the go-ahead from your partner

Foodplay isn't always about stimulating your genitals. Go for other erogenous zones to increase the pleasure and anticipation. 

Best Foods to Use in the Bedroom

Now, the good part. Pull these foods out when you're ready to get down and dirty. 

  • Champagne. A glass of champagne can turn into an ice-cold body shot that drips down to stimulate you in more ways than one.

  • Chocolate truffles. As the elegant cousin of chocolate syrup, truffles are perfect for a little foodplay fun. Gently break the shell with your teeth and let the truffle melt in your mouth. Share the love with your partner by letting the chocolate ooze onto their body. You get the idea.

  • Oysters. Skip the cocktail sauce on these babies when you're in bed. This known aphrodisiac is slick and sexy, perfect for slurping up off your partner's skin.

  • Ice cubes. Get wet with a little ice. Put ice cubes in your mouth and explore your partner's body. The cold sensation followed by the warmth of your mouth will send shivers up your spine. Bonus: no sticky mess after.

  • Whipped cream. It's a classic for a reason. Step away from the spray bottle and whip your own in advance. Savor the creamy, rich taste as you spread it over your partner's body and lick it up.

  • Honey and syrup. If you want to feel sticky and a little dirty, drip honey or caramel sauce on your partner, then blindfold yourself while you search for it. You can also heat it and drip it all over for a completely different sensation. Stay away from chocolate, though — it's not a good look for your sheets.

  • Fruits. Strawberries are a classic for a reason. They're sweet, slightly tangy, and 100% delicious. Slowly feed fruits like berries and mango or use your bodies as plates. You won't feel full from just eating fruits, and they'll give you the energy to go longer. 

Advanced Foodplay

advanced foodplay

Foodplay falls under the umbrella of wet and messy play (WAM) and is also known as a kink called sploshing. 

Once you get the hang of things and find out what you like, you might want to take it to the next level. Sploshing can open the door for a submissive and dominant role in the bedroom. 

Sploshing can be an entertaining and messy way to stimulate your senses by covering your partner with lots — and lots — of the sticky food of your choice. You might love to be covered in goo by your partner, or you might take over that role of smearing food onto them.

Start by bringing a plate of saucy food into the bedroom, and eat it while your partner watches, savoring every bite. Enjoy the feeling of the food mixing with the saliva in your mouth. Pay attention to every sensation and go from there. 

Another option is the Japanese way known as Nyotaimori, or eating sushi off a naked body. 

Start by ordering some high-quality sushi and sashimi. Resist the urge to go for fried sushi rolls — they are too heavy and will fill you up quickly. Request some bamboo leaves with your order. 

Put the leaves over delicate areas and spread the sushi out over a naked body. It's yours to devour. 

How Not to Use Food in the Bedroom: Things to Avoid

Some foods have undeniable sexuality about them. Phallic-shaped bananas aside, most aphrodisiacs look like their bodily counterparts (oysters, anyone?).

But that doesn't mean they're all foods you can use in the bedroom. 

Oils, especially coconut, are a big no-no. They can make latex condoms lose their effectiveness. 

Don't use anything spicy. That includes spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. They can irritate the vulva and cause dryness

Be careful with alcohol. Spraying champagne all over can be fun and exciting, but it can irritate sensitive skin. Be mindful of where it goes. 

It's All About Having Fun

Incorporating food in the bedroom is all about exploration and play. Not only are you having sex, but foodplay stimulates your senses of touch, taste, feeling, and texture — all at the same time. It's a multisensory buffet. 

Make sure to discuss things ahead of time with your partner so you can be present and focus on the mood, not the mess you're making. 

Don't forget about the hot shower after to clean off the mess you made. It may even lead to a steamy round two. 

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