Splish Splash in the Bath — Having Sex in the Bathtub

If you're someone who can't imagine life without a good bath, you know that bathtubs are sacred spaces. They offer a place to dote on yourself, whether that means indulging in luxurious bubbles and a good book or some solo sexy time.

If the tub is big enough, there's no reason you can't make bath time even steamier by adding your partner into the mix. Think about it — you get all the comfort and pleasure of warm water without the risk of falling that comes with shower sex.

Having sex in the bathtub might just become your newest favorite activity with suitable precautions. Ready to get wet?

Romantic Bathtub

how to have sex in the bathtub

Romantic bathtub sex is only as romantic as you make it, which means setting the mood is crucial. Here's how to properly assess the scene so you can have unforgettable bathtub sex.

Clean like you mean it.

Bathrooms are notoriously quick to get grimy, so a thorough clean is necessary. Scrub away soap scum, mildew, and other unsightly aspects until that tub is gleaming.

You'll also want to put away any kid's toys and personal care products you don't want to hang around. Not only will this create an uncluttered area for you to move around in, but you'll also eliminate distractions that can detract from your sensual experience. 

Get the accouterments ready. 

The last thing you or your partner needs is to realize you forgot something important once you're already submerged. Avoid that unsexy scenario by getting all the necessities ready and placing them in arm's reach. Think towels, robes, lube, your favorite toys, and condoms. 

Look for the sweet spot.

When you start filling up the tub, try to hit a good temperature balance between scalding hot and too tepid. It's best to err on the warmer side, especially if you plan on being in there for a while.

According to some sex experts, hot water is handy for supporting more blood flow to your genitals. That's excellent news for those of you looking to make certain toys all the more effective.

bathtub and sex

You'll also want to watch your water levels. Water rises significantly when you step into a full tub, and two of you will make it go even higher. Add that to the fact that you'll be moving back and forth, and overspill becomes likely.

Even if you don't mind making a mess, a slippery, wet bathroom floor is dangerous. No one wants to fall, so have washcloths nearby to soak up any overflow and keep the water at a manageable level. You can always add more later.

Setting the Mood

So you've got your bathroom clean and tidy, all the necessities are nearby, and the water is filling up. Here's where the final touches come in.

Start by setting an ambient mood with a few candles placed in a safe area. Bonus points if they're scented. Aromas like vanilla or jasmine can act as aphrodisiacs to heighten arousal while covering up any unsavory bathroom odors.

If you don't want to deal with candles but have a dimmer switch, dimming the lights works similarly. A portable music player can also work wonders, so get some sexy tunes going.

Finally, feel free to crack a window if you don't want things to get overly humid. Of course, be considerate of any neighbors who might overhear your good time. 

Fun in the Tub 

Now for the best part — getting in and getting it on. Here are a few titillating bathtub sex positions to try:

  • Do it doggy-style. Doggy-style is one of those sex positions in bathtub intercourse that's ridiculously easy for beginners. It's also pleasurable for both parties and super hot. One of you leans over the end or side of the tub while the other penetrates them with a penis or strap-on.
  • Put it in reverse. One of you lies back while the other straddles their partner facing the opposite direction. If that partner is you, feel free to steady yourself by placing your hands on the sides of the tub while you ride. Anyone lying back comfortably can keep their beloved in place by holding onto their hips.

  • Enjoy oral bliss. The sides of bathtubs are perfect for receiving mind-blowing oral. One of you sits on the side of the tub with legs spread wide while the other goes to town. Just remember to return the favor by taking turns. 

Steamy Bathtub Sex Tips 

bathtub fun sex

If you're looking to make your bathtub sex session even steamier, there are a few things to keep in mind. These tips will help make sure everything goes off without a hitch: 

  1. Keep the water lower than you usually would so you can maneuver in and out. This is helpful if you're planning on wearing a condom, as you'll need to stay relatively dry for it to be as effective as possible.

  2. Silicone-based lube is best for keeping things slick in the water. It won't break down and allows your bodies to glide over each other seamlessly. Just take care getting out, as lube can make the tub slippery.

  3. Bring in waterproof toys for added fun. There are tons out there to experiment with, like vibrating c-rings that please both partners and move with you no matter the position. Just bear in mind that if you're using a silicone toy, silicone lube can damage it.

  4. Replace your post-nook cuddle session with drying each other off slowly and sensually once you're finished. 

Slip and Slide Safely

Is it safe to have sex in bathtubs? Absolutely — but only if you take suitable precautions and communicate with your partner. 

Having sex in water can be one of the most thrilling experiences for a couple, so long as you're being safe. That means only using safe sex positions for the bathtub — don't overstretch yourself or get in a position that makes it easy to slip. Bathmats can help with that, as can grab bars and railing.

Never grab onto the faucet or handles for support, as they aren't made for that and can break off. Tubs also present a drowning risk, so both consenting partners need to be sober the entire time they're getting down. 

Remember that using condoms in the tub can be difficult. It can be done safely, but you need to be cautious if it's your main form of STI protection and birth control. Water can cause the condom to slide around, making it less effective, and some soaps and bath products can damage it. 

Certain products also can cause a bacterial infection for individuals with a vulva, so take care only to use those you can confirm are body-safe.  

Rub a Dub

There's nothing quite like having sex in a bathtub safely. The feel of your partner's smooth, wet skin, the relaxing warmth, and reassuring intimacy combine to make a sensual experience like no other. 

Whether you're looking for fantastic foreplay or to enjoy the main event, the bathtub won't let you down. So long as safety and communication are the priority, you'll be on your way to having sex in bathtub bliss.

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