Push Harder, Push Harder! - How to Use a Sex Swing?

Who doesn't love to play on the swings? Sex swings let you bring the playground into the bedroom with orgasmic results. While these toys sometimes show up in porn or BDSM play, there are all kinds of reasons that people use them. They can give you access to new positions, spice up your love life, and support your body for more accessible, more comfortable sex. That's many wins for one sex toy.

Read on to discover the basics of sex swinging:

  • How a sex swing works
  • How to install a sex swing
  • How to use a sex swing
  • How to choose the best sex swing for you

After all, couldn't we all use a little more recess in our lives?

What is a sex swing, and how does a sex swing work?

It's pretty much there in the name. A sex swing is a swing that you use during sex. Generally speaking, one partner stands on the ground while the other is suspended in the swing (although sex swings can be used for solo play, as well).

sex swing

These devices were developed as sex position enhancers. It can be challenging for those who aren't Olympic gymnasts to check off the trickier items on our Kama Sutra bucket list. By supporting one person, a sex swing allows people to experiment, reducing the limitations of our all-too-human bodies. Sex swings can also mediate a height difference or support partners who aren't non-disabled.

Different types of sex swings

Not everyone gravitates to the same apparatuses in the jungle gym, and sex swings come in a few different models — each of which has its fans.

The over-the-door sex swing

Experts often recommend this model for beginners. It's easy to set up and convenient to use but doesn't allow the same range of motion. All you need is a door that nobody's likely to open unexpectedly. The supported partner uses the swing's thigh supports for a perch.

The conventional sex swing

It may seem a bit odd to talk about a "conventional sex swing" — isn't the whole idea to take your sex life beyond "conventional"? — but there is a basic model. It comes with a two-strap seat and stirrups. Some also have handles or a headrest.

The sex sling

The sex sling is the swing for those of us who like to recline during sex. Hammock-like, they include a large seat that can support the entire body.

Spinning sex swing

If you prefer not to be limited to just one direction during sex, you might want a spinning sex swing, which allows for 360-degree rotation. Plus, you can sit on it and spin yourself silly when no one is looking.

How to hang a sex swing?

First things first, slow down and read the manual. I repeat, read the manual. As excited as you are to try your new toy, make sure that it's as ready for you as you're prepared for it. But most sex swings will probably require one of the following setups:

  • If you've purchased an over-the-door swing, you'll need to extend the straps over the open door and shut the door. The swing may use counterweights on the other side and be engineered to hook the standing lover into some safety strap.

  • The other sex swings can be hung from a sturdy ceiling beam or open doorway. Once you insert the eyelet screw overhead, you can secure the swing.

  • Or you can skip the whole hammer-and-nails thing with a freestanding swing stand. The contraption requires a fair amount of space but compensates by being portable and easy to take down and set up. 

How to use a sex swing?

How is a sex swing used? Well, you're limited only by physics and your imagination. But don't forget the physics! (It only feels like you're weightless. Gravity still exists.)

When it comes to having sex on a swing, the first rule is to be safe. The moment you feel any strain or feel unsafe, stop. Don't try to twist yourself into a human pretzel. You're supposed to feel more comfortable, not less, in the swing.

While some swings can bear the weight of both partners, check both the swing's load capacity and that of the place you hang it before climbing in. If you're not sure, stick to just one swinger for now.

how to use a sex swing

Hold the seat or straps steady while you or your partner climb in. Use one another for balance and leverage, and get in slowly.

Lift your legs, one at a time, to place them into the straps. Only secure any cuffs or restraints once you're secure.

Got it? Good. Now for the fun part.

The best positions to use in a sex swing

sex swing positions

How do you use a sex swing for maximum pleasure? If you know, your setup can hold you both, cowgirl or reverse cowgirl can be fun. But the following positions can all be achieved with one partner in the swing and one on the floor:

  • Standing missionary
  • Hanging doggy style
  • Sitting up straight — with the standing partner either in front or back

But there are plenty more positions you can try as you explore how to have sex on a swing. You can even use the swing for added comfort during oral sex.

The right sex swing for you

What is the best sex swing? That depends on what you're looking for. But, we do have a few recommendations.

The Trinity 360 Spinning Sex Swing

the best sex swing product

It's hard to top the versatility of the Trinity 360 Spinning Sex Swing. You can spin all the way around, hang onto the torque bar if things get rough, or relax into the padded supports for your back, thigh, and feet. The self-tightening buckles also allow you to find your perfect fit.

The Fetish Fantasy Series

fantasy sex swing

The Fetish Fantasy Series has a whole range of products to suit your sex-swing needs. For example, our Spinning Fantasy Swing is a viable alternative to the Trinity 360.

Over-the-Door Sex Swings

Beginners — or those with limited space or budgets — might want to try one of the door swings. The Fantasy Door Swing sets up in mere moments but can support up to 300lbs. Double-check that the same can be said about your door, however. In addition to the thigh supports, the swing comes with upper loops that you or your partner can secure over your arms.

There's the Deluxe Fantasy Door Swing, which comes with handles and arm loops for extra security.

The Fantasy Sex Swing

Heavy-duty steel bolts and bars combine with thick, padded nylon for a sex swing built to last. It assembles easily into a doorway or an intense ceiling beam. For extra fun, the Fantasy Swing comes in both black and purple.

The Bondage Sex Swing

While sex swings are used for much more than just bondage, that doesn't mean you can't explore a little power play if that's your flavor. In addition to the features of the Fantasy Sex Swing, the Bondage Sex Swing has D-rings to fasten both your ankles and wrists.

The Yoga Sex Swing

yoga sex swing

For a different kind of experience, you might try the Yoga Sex Swing. Soft fabric supports and foam handles enable you to do yoga and love simultaneously. Work your core as you and your partner push yourself into various poses.

Up, Up, and Away

If you're still wondering, "Are sex swings fun?" Give it a try. We're pretty sure you'll answer your question with an enthusiastic "yes… yes… oh God, yes."

Be sure to contact us if you have any further questions.


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