From Half-Mast to Full Attention — How to Increase Sex Drive in Men

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Men have so many pressures and stereotypes associated with their sexuality. Even in some scientific contexts, they are looked at as these sex-crazed animals who can’t stop thinking about how horny they are.

However, it is now 2021 — we can just go ahead and get rid of these old archetypes and let people be who they are, regardless of their gender. Some men might not have a crazy libido. Some men might want to have lots of sex and have a need to masturbate daily. That is okay!

If you are a man, identify as a man, or have a penis — and you feel like your libido is imbalanced, do not worry about it. There are methods for regulating it but always remember that your libido may not necessarily be like everyone else’s libido. Comparing yourself to others will only exacerbate the problem. Accepting yourself and your sexuality truly is important.

Below, we will answer questions like:

  • Why is my sex drive so high?
  • When do men lose their drive?
  • How to increase sex drive in men?
  • What is sex drive?

Read on to find out all about male libido and sexuality.

What Is the Libido?

To put it casually, the libido is the vibe you have around sexuality. It is influenced by:

  • Your mental health
  • Your connection to your partner or partners
  • Your hormone levels
  • Medications you take

If you are not feeling sexual or don’t have the desire to have sex, that means you have a low libido. If you are feeling it and want to have sex a lot, that means you have a high libido.

What Does It Mean For Men To Have A Low Sex Drive?

When a man — or anyone for that matter — has a low sex drive, it shows up in them not wanting to have sex.

How Common Is It For Men to Have a Low Sex Drive?

One in five men experience low sexual libido. This manifests as roughly 16% of the male population experiencing low libido.

However, the stigmas surrounding male virility probably make collecting data on this hard, if not impossible. While perhaps 16% of men may have reported that they had low libido to a certain degree, percentage-wise, there must be more men out there who have at some point experienced a dip in their desire to have sex.

What Is Considered a Normal to High Sex Drive in Men?

There really isn’t a normal sex drive at all. Ideas that men or women have different libido levels are old-fashioned notions that numerous studies have squashed.

The libido is a spectrum. It continually changes and involves many factors like age, relationships, mental health, and lifestyle choices.

When Do Men Start Losing Their Sex Drive?

Men can lose their sex drive at any age. However, it is common for older men to have less of a sexual appetite. This could be for several reasons.

Illnesses like cancer or hormonal diseases can significantly affect the libido. The other reason is that the libido is significantly linked to testosterone levels. For some men, as they age, they can experience a loss of testosterone levels.

What Are the Causes of a Low Sex Drive in Men?

Low sex drive in men often has more to do with an individual’s body, the scenario they are in, or the stories they tell themselves about libido. However, there are some common causes, as seen below.

Erectile Dysfunction

ED is not a loss of libido. It is a physical circumstance in which someone’s penis can’t become or stay erect. This is a medical condition that can be treated by numerous products on the market today.


Many men say that the pressure they feel to get an erection or to perform well sexually overwhelms them to the point where they eventually don’t want to have sex anymore.


Stress from your life carries itself into the bedroom. Always being in a state of stress dampens and can completely shut off your libido.


As well as being stressful, certain types of illnesses like testicular cancer or something else that affects the genitals or hormones will lower the libido.


Often, people lose libido in relationships where there is some sort of loss of trust. Conversely, you can also lose your libido if you are too close to your partner. The loss of mystery can be a major buzzkill.

What Are the Conditions That Result From a Man Having a Low Libido?

Not wanting to have sex is totally okay. There is no condition that one develops from not having sex for a long time.

Sex is a nice connective activity. In a partnership, it can be vital. However, it is not necessary to live a healthy life or romantic partnership.

How Can A Low Sex Drive Be Treated Medically?

If you have ED — again, this is not a loss of libido and its treatment is not how to increase sex drive in men — you should seek medical attention. That way, your doctor can prescribe you some medication that will directly treat that.

Libido loss or a low sex drive isn’t something that is typically treated with medications. A great way to combat some of the stress or dive into your relationship’s issues is to seek a therapist.

Therapists can be beneficial to help you untangle the vast web that is your sexuality. It can help to let go of some of the beliefs that may be making sex not exciting to you anymore.

How Can a Low Sex Drive Be Treated Holistically?

There are certain lifestyle changes and holistic methods that play into how to increase sex drive in men.


How to increase your sex drive may have to do with the food you eat. Certain foods have aphrodisiac properties and can help you feel more in the mood to get intimate with your partner. Be sure to eat avocados, bananas, dates, onions, chilies, eggs, meats, and garlic before getting it on. These can be beneficial.


Ginkgo biloba leaves from the ginkgo tree can help treat ED as well as increase low libido. This can be found in pill form at most health food stores.

Basil has been found to have similar effects as well. You can either eat it or take it in supplement form. Italian food, anyone?


How to boost sex drive when all else fails? Make lifestyle changes. Drinking alcohol, smoking, and using drugs can all take away the libido.

A life in which you are active, healthy, care for yourself, and have outlets for your stress is most conducive to healthy sex life. Also, masturbating never does not help stoke the flames of your sexual desires.

Your Libido is Yours!

Men today face a lot of pressure to perform sexually. But every person in the world has natural ebbs and flows with the amount they want to have sex.

Perhaps if you are experiencing low libido, this could be an incredible opportunity to work on your relationship or how you deal with stress. If you ask yourself questions like “Why do I have no sex drive?” or “Why is my sex drive so low?” Maybe it is a sign to say to yourself, “It’s time to start caring for my body better.”

Whatever it is, there are ways to increase your libido and have the sex life that you want! If you want to see where you fall on the spectrum, take this quiz.


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