How to Have a Hands-Free Orgasm?

You may be surprised by the number of exciting, creative ways people of all genders can enjoy an orgasm. You likely know at least a few fun ways to use your hands or just your fingers to come. Did you know there are plenty of hands-free options as well?

This article will help you explore a compelling constellation of pleasurable activities to do solo or with a partner. Learning what a hands-free orgasm is and how to have one might lead you to some astonishingly sexy places.‌

What Is a Hands-Free Orgasm?

As you might guess, a hands-free orgasm refers to an orgasm that doesn't involve using your own hands. The phrase is typically used to refer to an orgasm that doesn't come rolling in thanks to your partner's hands or mouth or by way of a handheld toy either. 

hands free orgasm

A rather broad definition. That means there's lots of room for steamy excitement to explore with your partner or on your own. "Hands-free orgasm" has some overlap with a similar term: "touch-free orgasm." This kind of Big O is achieved through meditation-like focus, breathing, and no touching whatsoever.  

Who Can Enjoy a Hands-Free Orgasm?

Hands-free and touch-free orgasms are not limited to one gender or body type. But while anyone can learn how to have a hands-free orgasm, the more experienced among us have some tips for success, no matter the technique. It would help if you had your head in the right place.

Set yourself up by being extra relaxed so that you can focus on each sensation. If you're distracted or feeling rushed, you may find it tougher to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Find a time and place that's all about you. Turn off the phone and lock the door.

Get excited.. like really excited. Read an erotic story, watch a steamy video, or recall every delicious detail of an exceptional past encounter to get yourself revved up. 

It's not unusual to practice to get the hang of what works (or doesn't) for you when you're beginning your hands-free journey. Remember: Even if you don't make it to orgasm without using your hands, it'll still be fun to explore ways to enjoy yourself or your subsequent tumble with your partner. 

OK, I'm In. What Should I Do? 

hands free orgasm couple

Get grinding. 

Whether you get your grind on with your partner's body or use a blanket, pillow, cushion, or another item to create friction, you can enjoy the power of a hands-free orgasm. Someone who has a clitoris may enjoy using something that provides on-the-spot pleasurable pressure — often something reasonably firm, like the arm of a chair or a sturdy pillow. 

Someone with a penis may enjoy finding something that feels good wrapped around it, like a rolled-up towel or blanket, or thrust into the space between two cushions on a couch. Get creative — find out what feels explosively great to you.

Work with your breath. 

Similar to breathwork in yoga, orgasmic breathing involves deep, rhythmic breathing to focus on arousal and your body's sensations. Bringing mindfulness and intentionality to your breath allows you to connect to your arousal on a deep level. Another practice, called synced partner breathing, takes you through similar paces when you're enjoying a romp with a partner. 

Go hypnotic. 

Erotic hypnosis, or Hypno-sex, uses guided meditation to help you achieve a relaxed state of pleasure and maybe a hands-free or touch-free orgasm. Typically, a trained hypnotist or similar professional who can help you settle into a state of relaxation and trance-like focus guides the session. 

How Else Can I Mix It Up?

sex toys for hands free orgasms

There are plenty of ways to explore a wide range of sensations that don't require using your hands: 

Try some toys. 

With toys such as vibrators in hidden panty pocketsremote control vibrators, dildos held at the ready with suction cups or strapped onto a partner, and more, the opportunities are endless. To get your smartphone in on the fun, check out the extensive lineup of apps that connect to a vibrating device — nearby or far away — to provide pleasure and intimacy. 

Get wet. 

Enjoy watery sensations in the bathtub or shower. Move a showerhead or a water diverter on a faucet to exactly where you need the pressure of the water to hit. 

Suppose your bathtub has jets, lucky you! Just don't send high-pressure water directly into an orifice. And remember: When it comes to water, there's such a thing as too hot! 

Stimulate more than your genitals.

Exploring other erogenous zones, such as nipples, can lead to orgasms. Using nipple clamps or teasers can up the sensations.

How Else Can I Get It On With a Partner?

Start with some good old-fashioned communication. Let your partner know what you're interested in trying, and find out if they're interested as well. Once you've established interests, boundaries, and any needed safe words, there are plenty of ways to plunge into the pool of hands-free orgasms together.

Give some tantra a try.  

Tantric sex incorporates practices such as synchronized breathing, visualization, and more. Tantra, a series of sexual positions and tips most famously found in the Kama Sutra, goes beyond breathing and mindfulness. It also includes specific motions and body positions meant to take you to the limit. (Seriously, no yoga experience required.)

Use whatever you've got.

Just not your hands. Use other parts of your body to touch and excite your partner: breasts, nipples, penis, mouth, tongue — ‌whatever gets your partner revved up. Try clenching your pelvic floor muscles to help bring about a vaginal or prostate orgasm, depending on your anatomy.

Embrace technology

Explore the irresistible and steamy fun of phone sex with a rule of no hands allowed. 

How Will I Benefit From a Hands-Free Orgasm?

having a hands free orgasm

Like any orgasm, a hands-free or touch-free orgasm is exceptionally pleasurable. And any Big O offers health benefits: a better immune system, lower blood pressure, less pain, improved heart health, stronger pelvic muscles, better sleep, brighter mood, and clearer skin.

You may also find it satisfying to delve into the mental and emotional side of your erotic self. No matter what your gender, you'll likely discover new feelings and ways to achieve pleasure and fulfillment. 

There are virtually no downsides to exploring hands-free and touch-free orgasms. Of course, if you plan on introducing this kind of activity to a partner, be sure to discuss your desires and boundaries with them upfront. Ongoing, happy, enthusiastic consent — always — is critical. 

The Big Finish

If you're looking for some suggestions to get started, check out our Top 5 Product Recommendations for smoking hot, hands-free excitement:


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