What Are Nipple Clamps? Double Down On Your Pleasure

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Nipple clamps originate from ancient Japanese sewing clips and, throughout history, have found their way into people’s sexual practices. Notably, Marquis De Sade — the western originator of BDSM — mentioned using nipple clamps in his novels.

In the BDSM community, nipple clamps are often used to mix pleasure and pain. A dom could make a sub choose between using nipple clamps or some other torture play option. People will also put nipple clamps on different parts of the body. While nipple clamps are certainly utilized in BDSM activities, they are used in many other contexts.

It has been found that regardless of gender, nipple clamps can help you achieve a nipple orgasm.

What Are Nipple Clamps?

The name nipple clamp might seem quite intimidating. But nipple clamps are not like industrial clamps. They look more like clothespins than something you would use to construct a house.

Of course, there are also many options for what kind of nipple clamps you can buy, depending on how you use them.

How to Use Nipple Clamps?

Whichever way you’d like! As mentioned before, nipples clamps can go all over the body if you want.

If you are using them on the nipple, the first thing to be aware of is the difference between good and bad pain. Nipple clamps are designed to hurt good — not hurt bad. Beforehand, you should make agreements about how to safely exit any type of nipple clamp play.

If you are putting them on someone else, communicate with them about their pain level. If they are being put on you, make sure to communicate and to know for yourself what your pain threshold is.

After you establish communication lines, you’re ready to put the clamps on. Different makes and models have different designs but what will happen is that the clamp will be stuck on to protruding nipples.

The clamps can be put on during foreplay, intercourse, or any sort of kink scene. Nipples are a powerful erogenous zone, it can help you orgasm in other areas to stimulate the nipples. Sometimes, it can even result in a nipple orgasm.

What Are the Different Types of Nipple Clamps?

When you ask, “What are nipple clamps?” The answer depends on which type of nipple clamp you’re referring to at the moment. Below are a few popular types.

Attached to Something

Many nipple clamps are attached to a necklace — such as the Fetish Fantasy Series Rock Hard Nipple Clamps — or a gag like the Fetish Fantasy Extreme Deluxe Ball Gag and Nipple Clamps. Some nipple clamps are just attached to a chain or charm.

Butterfly Clamps

These are an advanced choice for people who know that they want intense pressure on their nipples. Fetish Fantasy Japanese Clover Clamps can be adjusted for even more pleasurable pain.


These clamp the nipple sideways rather than lengthwise. You use them by putting your nipple in the middle of the two clamp mechanisms and tightening them based on your preference.


There are many designs like this that sort of look like a pair of tweezers. Some of them have rubber on the very end, like the Adam and Eve Eve's Naughty Nipple Clips, which are also weighted. Some of them are just metal throughout.

Nipple Pumps

This is a powerful tool that helps the nipple get erect through a fast flow of air. You can get your nipples to enlarge way larger than they ever have before with these.


If you want to add an even more stimulating element to the party, check out a vibrating nipple clamp. The Fetish Fantasy Series Vibrating Nipple Clamps is a model where you can change the clamps’ settings. However, there are also options for remote-controlled vibrating nipple clamps.

Do Nipple Clamps Hurt?

Yes, they can. However, part of being a responsible user of nipple clamps is knowing and being vocal about what is too painful and what feels right.

If you are a beginner, you should start very slowly and not overstimulate your nipples. Nipple clamps are designed to hurt in a specific way that brings out pleasure. Be sure you feel the pleasure before you increase the pain.

What Do Nipple Clamps Do?

Nipple clamps stimulate the many nerve endings in the nipple, which can cause your brain to release a good dose of oxytocin. This is what makes you feel turned on.

What Are Nipple Clamps Used For?

People use nipple clamps because they like being stimulated in their nipples, and they want to make the sensation more extreme. Nipple clamps can increase your chance of orgasming from your nipple, so some people use them for that reason alone.

Nipple clamps can also be used to incorporate a new element into BDSM play or everyday sex. Using nipple clamps is a bonus — think of it as the cherry on top.

How to Properly Put Nipple Clamps On?

Depending on the model of nipple clamps you have, start by opening up the nipple. Position the opened nipple clamp at the base of the areola. When you have found the actual base of the areola, then tighten the clamps. Adjust them as necessary to get the best feeling.

After that, you can either stimulate them or yourself in any number of ways. If you are just beginning to use nipple clamps, use one of the lower settings and just keep them on for around five minutes at one time.

How Long Can You Wear Nipple Clamps Before Any Issues Arise?

Typically, experts say not to keep nipple clamps on for longer then 20 – 30 minutes.

Most of the feeling you experience from nipple clamps is when you take them off, and the circulation comes rushing back into them. Don’t worry about the length you wear them because the main event is the sensitivity you feel post-nipple clamp.

If you know you have circulation issues, make sure you don’t ever totally cut off your circulation.

Are Nipple Clamps Only For Women Or Can Men Use Nipple Clamps?

Nipple clamps are for everyone! We all have nipples. Gender presentation or sex does not affect who can or can not use nipple clamps.

Can Nipple Clamps Give You An Orgasm?

Yes! In fact, with some people, this is what nipple clamps do for them.

The sensitivity and feeling given by nipple clamps can help to experience things, like orgasms, in their nipple clamps that they would never have thought possible before.

Are There Any Long-Term Effects of Using Nipple Clamps?

Other than the long-lasting effect of knowing how great they can feel, nipple clamps should not have any long-lasting effects. Sometimes you may see some bruising after using apple clamps. This is normal and is no cause for alarm.

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Any person of any gender can get pleasure from using nipple clamps. They are a great way to spice things up and get your partner excited.

Be sure to look at all the great options out there for nipple clamps and find whichever clamps turn you on and have the features that will get you going. Below are some nipple clamps to get you started.

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What Are Nipple Clamps Double Down On Your Pleasure

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