Numbing Lubricants for Anal Sex

When it comes to sex lubricants, there are more choices now than ever before. This is a good thing because lubricants do more than ever before!

Lube can be stimulating, making sex more pleasurable even if you're already making plenty of moisture on your own. Specific lubricants for anal play can make your sexual activity more satisfying and less painful.

Numbing lubricants for anal sex also make sex safer by reducing the risk of injury and the possibility of more pleasure since there's no pain. 

So, whether you're a guy or a girl, and wherever you fall on the spectrum of sexual preferences, it's a good idea to get educated about the best lubes to keep sex fun.

Best Numbing Lube for Anal Sex

BootyCall is a cherry-flavored anal numbing gel. This desensitizing gel will allow a more pleasurable anal experience for you and your lover.

Apply a dime-sized amount to the anal opening and wait 10 minutes before playing to allow it to absorb into the skin. Re-apply as necessary. Booty Call is both condom and toy safe.

Anal-Ese is one of the best know anal desensitizing cream available! This cherry flavored numbing lubricant aids with discomfort during anal play allowing for you and your partner to explore new frontiers. The Anal-Ese will enhance your first experience and leave you wanting more.

Anal-Ese Strawberry Apply a small amount to rectal area prior to penetration and wait. This strawberry-flavored, numbing lubricant will enhance your first experience and leave you wanting more.

Maximize pleasure with Jo Prolonger Gel that uses natural numbing ingredients to slow the onset of ejaculation. The addition of peppermint oil is designed to enhance the prolonging effect while also providing a natural plumping sensation. Perfect to use during solo-play and foreplay, this gel offers a more thrilling application, with a longer lasting effect.

Intimate Earth Anal Relaxing Gel unique formula contains a certified organic extract blend with the natural potency of love, goji berry, aloe and lemongrass. Unlike other anal sprays that can numb the sphincter and cause tearing, our herbal spray causes NO anesthetic effects. Enjoy a sage and pleasurable sensation.

What Is Numbing Lube?

numbing gel anal play

Numbing lube is a water based lubricant that uses mild topical anesthetics to desensitize the region where it is applied. The most common desensitizers used in the numbing lubricant are benzocaine or lidocaine. 

Lidocaine and benzocaine work almost like a local anesthetic, similar to what your dentist also uses when you go for a root canal.

Reason to use a Numbing Lube?

Anal sex needs a lot of lubrication and lubricants allows for easy penetration by reducing friction and irritation. Unlike the vagina, the anus does not self lubricate when aroused.

The tissue inside the anus is thinner and more likely to tear or bleed during penetration. 

That's why you will need a good lubricant handy when engaging in anal massage or fisting.

Numbing lube is a good option if you want to quickly ease into anal play as the gel starts to work within 10-15 minutes of application.

Disadvantages Of Numbing Lubes

Since pain indicates potential long-term injury, you need to be cautious of complex manual stimulation when using numbing lubricants. You also must be careful if you have allergies to the chemicals and components of the product. 

Should You Use A Numbing Lube?

should I buy a numbing gel for anal sex?

It depends on your goal.

Anal sex requires proper lubrication, a lot of experience, and communication between partners. Whether indulging in vaginal sex, finger play, anal massage, or a game with an anal toy like the butt plug, the numbing effect can change the feel of the pleasure.

The question is personal, and the answer depends on your goal. It could be a great idea, especially if your anal play experience has been painful.

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