13 Best Butt Plugs That are Safe to Buy Online

Butt plugs are a fun sex toy for anyone who enjoys anal play. They come in many different shapes and sizes, perfect for anal sex experts and beginners alike. Some people are understandably nervous about exploring the "back door," but many find it a center of pleasure.

Anal play can stimulate the prostate, also known as the male g-spot or p-spot. This can lead to unique and powerful prostate orgasms that are only reachable through anal exploration. One of the best qualities of butt toys is that everyone has a butt, and everyone can enjoy them!

butt plug is a specific type of anal toy that is designed to stay in during other activities. They usually have a bulbous or teardrop shape with a flared base. The butt plugs on Peachwood are made from different body-safe materials, like glass, silicone, and metal. Butt plugs also have various features. Try a remote control butt plug, a vibrating butt plug, or even an electrified butt plug for kink play.

Top 3 Best First Time Butt Plugs

top butt plug in the market

1. Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Mini Luv Plug - Black

This mini plug is perfect for those who like to play in style. Show off your sparkle by flashing the adorable gem on the end once the pin is in. Its small size makes it perfect for beginners. It is made out of body-safe anodized aluminum, so you can use water to warm it up or cool it down for extra thrills.

2. Aande Gem Anal Plug Set Pink

A plug set is necessary for those who want to work up to greater anal pleasures. This set includes three anal plugs made of body-safe aluminum ranging in width from 1.1 inches to 1.57 inches. With cute pink gems on the ends, you can reach your backside goals while looking and feeling sassy.

3. Fetish Fantasy Gold Mini Luv Plug - Gold

This butt plug is the same shape and size as our number one choice for first-timers but comes in a more unconventional color — gold! This is perfect for people who want glitz and glamour, even when having bedroom fun.

Remote Control and Vibrating Butt Plugs

1. 3Some Wall Banger Plug - Purple

If you've ever wanted to hand the controls of your pleasure to someone else, try this unique booty toy. The textured and vibrating butt plug has a width of 2.7 inches and an insertable length of 1.5 inches. It comes with a remote that you can attach to the base or hand off to someone else. It has multiple vibration settings to make your toes curl.

2. Anal Fantasy Collection Remote Control Silicone Plug - Black

This toy is sweet and discreet with a quiet motor that delivers powerful vibrations. Use the remote to cycle through the ten vibration patterns and find your favorite.

3. Smooshy Tooshy Navy

This toy is unique because it is more soft and squishy than most vibrating butt plugs. The remote control allows you to try any of the seven vibrating sensations and three intensity levels.

4. Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating Thruster - Black

For those who are more experienced with anal, this thrusting butt plug delivers. The silicone toy has different vibration patterns as well as three thrusting speeds. Try it solo, or use it for double penetration play with a partner.

5. Icicles No. 84

While this toy is designed to stimulate the p-spot, people without prostates may enjoy the added sensation. The wireless remote to control the vibrating patterns makes it perfect for enjoying yourself or with a partner.

Glass Butt Plugs

1. 4" Beaded Glass Butt Plug With Tapered Base

Enjoy the pleasures of both anal beads and butt plugs simultaneously with this glass sex toy. The beads increase in size, allowing you to feel joy as you insert the toy further.

2. Pacifier Butt Plug

This glass butt plug is fun for those who are into age play or anyone who wants a butt plug with a handle to grab onto. The nubs on the plug shaft make the experience even more pleasurable.

3. Icicles No. 27 - Pink

The Icicles glass butt plug has a spiraling design for extra stimulation. The glass can be gently warmed or cooled for temperature play. Try pairing it with a curved glass dildo for double penetration experimentation!

4. Icicles No. 44 - Clear

This butt plug is smooth and precise. It's 1 inch wide and designed to slide in quickly with a teardrop shape. The insertable length is 2.5 inches. It is hypoallergenic glass and body safe.

5. Icicles No. 83

This vibrating glass butt plug has a contoured shape designed for pleasure and has a remote control that lets you cycle through 10 powerful vibrating patterns. It also has a suction cup to hold it wherever you're having fun.

How to Use a Butt Plug?

how to use a butt plug

The number one rule of butt plugs is to ensure that your toy has a flared base. This prevents it from getting lost inside of you.

Before trying a butt plug, you will need to warm up your booty.

  1. The first step is to get into the mood. Put on your favorite sexy tunes, dim the lights and slip into something that turns you on.

  2. Put some lube on a finger, gently massage your anus before slipping a finger in, or try a vibrator. Once that is feeling good, you're ready to try the plug.

Use barriers like nitrile gloves or condoms if you would like to protect your hands or toys.

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How to Insert a Butt Plug?

After getting in the mood and warming up, put some of your favorite lube on the butt plug. If you have a silicone toy, it's best to use water-based lube.

Using silicone lube with silicone toys can degrade the toy over time. You must always use lube with anal toys because the anus does not self-lubricate like the vagina. It will likely be quite unpleasant if you try to do anything anally without proper lubrication.

Now that your plug is lubricated, slowly press the tip into your anus. Never force a butt plug. Relax your muscles around it, and push gently. It may take several minutes, especially if you're a newbie.

Take deep breaths, and focus on relaxing your rectal muscles. It may even help to push out gently as if you were pushing out a bowel movement. This can relax and open the anus even more.

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How to Remove a Butt Plug?

Had your fill of booty fun?

  1. Wash your hands or use a towel to get any lube off.

  2. Then, grab the toy's base firmly, and pull it out slowly and smoothly while relaxing your anal muscles. If you're having trouble removing it, take a break and relax. Take a few deep breaths, sit comfortably, and release your muscles to try again.

Additional tip: Before you pull it out, have a plan for where you will put the plug. Even if it's not visibly dirty, it can still have bacteria that you don't want to spread around.

3. Put it on a towel or in a plastic bag if you're not ready to wash it right away. Keep a towel or baby wipes nearby to clean yourself off after. Alternatively, you can hop in the shower to rinse off.

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How Long Can You Leave a Butt Plugin?

You can leave a butt plugin for 2-3 hours. However, if you feel the pain that lasts longer than a minute or two or notices any bleeding, take it out right away.

Are Butt Plugs Safe?

are butt plugs safe

Butt plugs are safe sex toys to try as long as they have a flared base. Inserting items without a flared base into your anus can result in an embarrassing trip to the ER if you cannot retrieve the item.

Most of the time, fecal matter stays in the upper part of your intestines, far from your rectum. However, there can be fecal bacteria or traces of bowel movements. So, when playing with anal toys, you must be careful about not spreading bacteria, especially when it comes to vaginas.

Cross-contamination between the anus and the vagina can lead to urinary tract infections. Disinfect your anal toys according to the instructions that came with your specific toy.

Some people are worried about encountering fecal matter when anal play. It's important to note that you might get burned if you play with fire. That is to say, and you need to be OK with things getting a little messy, even if you take every possible precaution. If you're worried about making a mess, take the plug out while sitting on the toilet or in the shower, where it will be easier to clean up.

In general, it's not safe to share toys between people unless they are fluid bonded, meaning that they're swapping bodily fluids anyway. If you would like two people to use the same toy, put a condom on it and change the condom in between users.

Ready for Your "Booty Call"?

Now that you have all the information you need about using a butt plug, browse our fantastic selection. With a wide variety of the top best butt plugs on the market, there's something here to help anyone explore the pleasures of anal play with butt plugs!


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