Top 10 Best Male Prostate Sex Toys

With the help of a small yet powerful pleasure gadget, 2022 might be the year where we unlock the world of prostate orgasm.

prostate sex toy

What's the buzz all about? A male prostate sex toy is a vibrating massager designed to send intense stimulation into the walnut-sized gland found right in front of the rectum. 

While the prostate is an essential part of sperm production, it's also much more. This spot is rich with nerve endings, making it a great way to deepen your or your partner's sexual pleasure. You can even tap into the infamous "P-spot" orgasm if it's stimulated right. 

If you've been neglecting this erogenous zone, there's never been a better time to explore the world of prostate toys. To help you get started, we've created a guide that rounds up some of the best quality male prostate sex toys you can find on the market today.

Here are some of the best prostate toys and a run-down of what to know about prostate stimulation.

Best Male Prostate Sex Toys

If you're easing into the idea of prostate play, you might be overwhelmed by all the different toys at your disposal. It's easy to get lost in a sea of vibrators, massagers, and thrusting toys

To help, we've rounded up our top picks for the best prostate sex toy — for beginners and prostate experts alike. Here are some of the top toys that will help you unlock the magic of backdoor play. 

LELO HUGO Rechargeable Prostate Massager 

Ready for a bigger, better, hands-free orgasm? The LELO HUGO Rechargeable Prostate Massager proudly boasts that it can give you the "world's most explosive orgasm." 

With two powerful motors in the base and tip, this sleek sex toy is easy to insert and has the perfect curve to stimulate all the right spots. While you insert one end of the toy, the vibrating base puts the ideal amount of pressure on your perineum for external prostate stimulation.

Anal Fantasy Elite Electro Stim Prostate Vibe 

Like the LELO massager, the Anal Fantasy Elite Electro Stim Prostate Vibe offers two e-stimulation pulse points. The perfectly curved insertable end sends targeted vibrations to your prostate while the vibrating base presses right into the perineal region. 

With five powerful vibrating functions and an ergonomic shape for prostate arousal, this toy is designed for maximum anal pleasure.

We-Vibe Vector 

The We-Vibe Vector is a force to be reckoned with. Its two motors offer subtle, rumbling vibrations that target your prostate and everything around it. While it comes with the same shape as most prostate toys — a rounded tip and clever curve — this prostate massager is flexible. As soon as you press it inside of you, it adjusts to the contours of your body for the perfect fit. 

Using the remote or the free app, you can even independently adjust the intensity and vibration modes of the two motors, playing with the settings to customize your ideal anal play experience.


The LELO LOKI Wave comes with the same features as the other prostate toys listed — satisfying vibrations for simultaneous prostate and perineum massage. But it also comes with something new. 

Using innovative WaveMotion technology, this toy moves in a beckoning, "come-hither" motion to give you a realistic scissoring effect. This back and forth movement combines the power of friction and vibration for a life-changing orgasmic experience.

Top Prostate Massager Sex Toys

Ready to take it to the next level? We've got prostate massagers in all shapes and sizes to reach that perfect spot — and best of all, they vibrate! 

These vibrating prostate massagers will tip you over the edge into a powerful orgasm.

Adam's Rechargeable Prostate Massager 

The prostate stimulation from Adam's Rechargeable Prostate Massager will send you into a deep, body-shaking orgasm. With nine different speeds and functionalities, you get to customize your anal experience.

The flexible shaft and bulbous head offer the perfect stimulation to target your prostate, while the vibrating base sends an intense sensation through your whole erogenous zone. Want to focus solely on your pleasure? Use the cordless remote to go completely hands-free.

Adam's Prostate Pal 

This massager doesn't look like your average prostate toy — and it won't give you the average experience either. Adam's Prostate Pal is an ultra-long, thin massager with a bulbous head, designed with the perfect angle to hit your P-spot every time.

The slender design makes it easy to penetrate and target the toy where you need it, while the powerful multi-speed motor pushes you over the edge.

3Some Wall Banger P-Spot 

With the 3Some Wall Banger P-Spot, you can turn any solo time or sexy session into a sexual adventure. The sleek, curved design is thick enough to fill you up, bringing the suitable friction while sending vibrations straight into your prostate.

Enjoy the multi-function vibrating massager completely hands-free, using the magnetic remote control to put the pleasure at your fingertips. Or even better, you can set the reins in your partner's hands. Like the name suggests, the toy also comes with a robust suction cup base, letting you prop your toy anywhere you want for hands-free, wall-banging fun.

Best Pick for Thrusting Prostate Sex Toy

What's better than vibrations? Vibrations and decisive thrusting action. 

If you want to enjoy the targeted P-spot vibrations and the friction that comes with it, you must try one of these thrusting prostate sex toys. 

Aande Warming Thrusting Prostate Probe 

This prostate massager offers a whole new set of unique sensations. The Aande Warming Thrusting Prostate Probe comes with a bulbous shaft that will drive you wild. Turn on the powerful vibrations for an extra kick, or activate the thrusting tip to hit your P-spot every time. 

With three different speeds, you can try them all to find the perfect plunging rhythm to make your orgasm more powerful than ever. For ultimate luxury, turn on the warming function to make the most of the life-like feel.

Anal Fantasy Elite Vibrating Ass Fucker 

When you want the ultimate prostate experience, look no further than the Anal Fantasy Elite series. The Anal Fantasy Elite Vibrating Ass Fucker offers powerful, spring-loaded pleasure. Enjoy the realistic texture of veins and a life-like head while the vibrating motor — located strategically at the tip for pinpoint accuracy — hits your P-spot for explosive pleasure.

Choose from 11 unique functions and a naturally responsive thrusting action that reacts to your movements, just like real. The incredible grip of the suction cup holds this thruster wherever you need it.

Anal Fantasy Elite Vibrating Ass Thruster 

The Anal Fantasy Elite Vibrating Ass Thruster is some of the most advanced techs you can get on the market today. At first glance, the discreet cylinder looks just like an ordinary Bluetooth speaker. But if you unscrew the lid, get ready for a mighty surprise.

This long and slender massager has a thrilling texture and a bulbous head for the perfect internal stimulation every time. Choose from seven patterns of vibration and seven different thrusting motions to make the most of the powerful vibrating bullet right in the tapered tip of the toy. This compact thruster offers everything you could ask for in a prostate toy with an internal heated core, a suction cup base, and an adjustable angle.

What Are Prostate Toys?

First things first, let's open up with an anatomy lesson. The prostate is a gland located just a few inches past your anus. It's a standard part of the reproductive system for cisgender men or people assigned male at birth. 

But if you stimulate it right, it can lead to mind-blowing, full-body orgasms. Men who've had the P-spot orgasm say that the sensation is just as — if not more — pleasurable as ejaculating, but you feel it everywhere. 

How to Stimulate the Prostate?

The prostate can be stimulated with fingers or a penis during sex. However, the best way to target that prostate and directly deliver the stimulation is through a male prostate sex toy, also known as a prostate massager or a prostate vibrator. 

These toys typically have a slightly curved design with a bulbous head. The angle of these toys, designed to point toward the belly button, is specially crafted to hit that pleasure button repeatedly. Some are small for the average first-timer, while others are made for more advanced play. Some vibrate for added stimulation, while others are just there to provide thrusting pressure.

The Rise of Prostate Toys

The market for these toys has been on the rise for years. Between 2012 and 2018, the sale of prostate toys doubled. What caused this explosion in demand? Some people might attribute it to the increase in LGBTQ-friendly sex toy marketing, but that's not all. It's not just gay and bisexual men who enjoy dabbling in anal play — heterosexual men are just as much behind the drive towards butt-centric toys.

Now that cultural ideas about anal play are shifting, and the truth is becoming clear: Prostate orgasms are for everyone. Whether gender identity or sexuality, if you've got a prostate, these toys are for you. 

The Benefits of Prostate Orgasm

prostate massager

If you've never dipped your toes into anal play, this all might sound a bit intimidating. But it doesn't have to be! 

For years, the stigma about anal sex has been holding many men back from exploring the full pleasure potential of their bodies. But those ideas are quickly changing. The world is starting to realize that anal play is for anyone with a prostate, no matter their sexual preferences. And it doesn't matter if you're kinky in the bedroom or prefer to play more vanilla — prostate stimulation can throw any self-pleasure night or couples session into a whole new world of pleasure. 

Those powerful prostate nerve endings are just waiting for a bit of action. Why not give it a try? 

Let's dig a bit deeper into the benefits of prostate orgasms. 

Creating Incredible Orgasms 

Of course, one of the top benefits of a prostate orgasm is the same reason you sought it out in the first place: pleasure. 

Whether you're using a male prostate sex toy or combining it with some cock stroking action, working the prostate is a one-way path toward an earth-shattering orgasm. Some men say it enhanced their usual orgasm, while others say they felt full-body contractions that pushed them to the edge from stimulating the prostate alone. 

Emptying Prostate Ducts 

Believe it or not, prostate stimulation can have some health benefits too. Massaging the prostate — with fingers or a toy — can empty fluid from your prostate ducts. 

It's not always medically necessary (unless your doctor recommends it), but clearing your ducts can help improve urine flow, relieve painful ejaculation and treat conditions like erectile dysfunction and prostatitis.  

Treating Erectile Dysfunction

While there's no scientific proof to back this up, some say that massaging the prostate has helped them become more aroused and even combat erectile dysfunction. With increased arousal and internal stimulation, they say that the prostate can even help them ejaculate more easily. 

The Best Prostate Toys For a New Era of Pleasure 

The days of ignoring the prostate are over. In 2022, it's time to embrace the power of prostate stimulation and everything it has to offer. If you're not exploring the world of prostate toys, you could be missing out on a level of pleasure you didn't even know existed.

For anyone with a prostate, these toys are a must-have. Of course, not everyone has one, but that doesn't mean you're excluded from the fun. Helping someone achieve one of these spine-tingling orgasms is just as exciting. 

What are you waiting for? If you want to try out a prostate toy for yourself or your partner, you need to be investing in the best sex toy your money can buy. That's where Peachwood comes in. Like all our sex toys, our prostate massagers are constructed from the finest materials with a robust, ergonomic design to maximize your pleasure.

Check out more of our prostate toys or venture into the rest of our collection.


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