Top 10 Best Tongue Vibrators

So you're in the mood for a bit of self-pleasure. You open your drawer to reach for one of your tried and true sex toys. Which do you choose? A bullet vibe? A vibrating dildo?

There are many sex toy options out there if you're looking for a little more buzz in your life. But the best kind might be one you haven't discovered yet: a tongue vibrator.

From realistic vibrating dildos to G-spot stimulators, there are so many ways to enhance your orgasm. But none of these toys can do what a tongue vibrator can — replicate that toe-curling sensation of a natural, skilled human tongue. These toys are specially designed to mimic the art of oral sex — and they can deliver.

But how do you know which device will work the best? We thought you'd never ask. Let's explore the exciting world of oral sex toys and some of the best top tongue vibrators that feel like the real thing. 

Tongue Vibrators: What's So Great About Them?

tongue vibrators

There's something about oral sex that just can't be beaten. The pressure of a warm, wet tongue (with some added suction) can lead to more powerful orgasms. When your partner is going down on you, they can control their movements to hit the perfect rhythm.

So how can a vibrator act like a tongue? These tongue vibrators are designed to stroke your clit (or other areas) just like a lover's tongue. Using one of these toys can bring you the sweet flicking pleasure of oral sex and powerful vibrations that go deeper into the tissue.

A tongue vibrator can come in a range of shapes and sizes. Some look like a typical suction toy with extra tongue action attached, while others look like vibrators with a thinner, flexible tip to mimic the tongue. Some tongue-licking simulators don't look like a tongue, but they can still give you the same sensations.

Top 3 Best First Time Oral Sex Tongue Vibrators

And now, the moment we've all been waiting for. It's time to dive right into some of the best tongue vibrators.

It's all about quality when you're picking out your first oral sex tongue vibrator. It takes suitable materials, craftsmanship, and design to create a genuinely effective tongue vibrator, especially one that feels like the real thing (or better than!).

So which ones should you go for if it's your first time? Let's break down the top three.

Fantasy For Her Silicone Fun Tongue 

    This handheld vibrator features a powerful automated tongue that licks and vibrates. As the tongue glides rhythmically back and forth, the mini silicone nubs add just a touch of texture to help you reach a new level of pleasure.

    The Fantasy For Her Silicone Fun Tongue also comes with a heating mode that warms it to body temperature for a more relaxing and realistic experience. Like all the top-quality toys, it's USB rechargeable and — best of all — it's portable to take with you on the road.

    Fantasy For Her Ultimate Tongue-Gasm

      Don't be fooled by the sleek and stylish look of this tongue vibrator. It's just as elegant as it is effective. The Fantasy For Her Ultimate Tongue-Gasm is designed with a tapered tip for precise stimulation on the clit or the G-spot. You can easily guide the toy to where you need it most with an ergonomic design.

      Made from ultra-soft and silky silicone, this tongue vibrator warms up to your body temperature. Plug it into a USB charger to charge it up, and then enjoy seven intense vibration patterns at the press of a button.

      Ling-O Vibrating Tongue Ring 

        There's only one thing better than a tongue going down on you: a vibrating tongue. The Ling-O Vibrating Tongue Ring is all about maximizing the stimulation in your oral play. It fits tight at the base of the tongue with a bullet that sits on top. 

        With super-soft silicone and bumps to enhance your pleasure, this long-lasting waterproof toy is the perfect way to take your partner's play up a notch.

        Vibrating Tongue Toys

        We've covered the top three first-time tongue vibrators, but there's so much more left to get into. From anal tongue vibrators to clitoral sucking tongue vibrators, let's explore more of the top vibrating tongue toys on the market. 

        Sir Richard's Control Ultimate Rimmer

        With a life-size tongue designed to stimulate the ultra-sensitive anal region, the Control Ultimate Rimmer has three speeds and four modes of vibrating stimulation — all focused at the tip of the tongue for a powerful rimming experience.

        Fantasy C-Ringz Lovely Licks Couples Ring

        With the Lovely Licks Couples Ring, you and your partner can enjoy an exciting tongue vibrator experience no matter what equipment you're working with. On one side, you can enjoy the soft, vibrating tongue that flickers with each pulsation. On the other hand, you can experience the dual ring that wraps around the shaft (and the testicles) for a tight squeeze, making your erection bigger and harder.

        Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure 24k

        The Fantasy For Her Ultimate Pleasure 24k has it all wrapped up in a luxurious package with G-spot stimulation, tongue stimulation, vibration, and suction. With three suction, seven tongue motions, and ten vibration patterns, you can make each experience your own.

        LELO Ora 3 Clitoral Stimulator

        The LELO Ora 3 Clitoral Stimulator offers one of the best and most realistic tongue vibrator experiences. With a firm and precise rotating motion, you can feel all the pleasure from a tongue — but better.

        Satisfyer Layons Purple Pleasure

        With a rounded design that fits perfectly in your palm, the Purple Passion Lay-On Vibrator is all about pinpoint accuracy. Stimulate right where you need it most while sending mind-blowing vibrations through your most sensitive areas. With 15 super-quiet vibration settings, it won't be hard to find the perfect one to help you hit the height of climax.

        Tongue Remote Vibrator

        What's better than a tongue vibrator? One that lets you get your rocks off without anybody knowing about it. 

        With a small tongue vibrator, you can enjoy next-level pleasure. Plus, your partner can play with the settings while sitting nearby — or even in an entirely different room. 

        So, which remote tongue vibrators can you trust to get the job done? Here are a few we recommend. 

        Egg-citement W-remote

        The Egg-citement W-remote can drive your pleasure to new heights with a tongue covered in pleasure nubs, dual stim with textures, and bunny ears to stimulate the clit. You can control your entire experience with this powerful egg by remote.

        Sir Richard's Control Rim Joy

        Ready for ultimate rimming pleasure wherever you are? From licking to deeper tongue exploration, Sir Richard's Control Rim Joy offers realistic oral stimulation at the press of a button.

        Lickity Slit

        This remote-controlled toy comes with intense side-to-side flicking action. Plus, its oval shape perfectly cups your lips, creating a powerful experience that will send you over the edge. With the Lickity Slit, you can use the remote control to explore seven speeds and functions wherever you are — even underwater.

        Male Tongue Vibrator 

        From clitoral to anal pleasure, tongue vibrators are for people of all genders. No matter what equipment you're working with, there's something for everyone. 

        So, for the men out there — or anyone with a penis — we have a few toys that will still let you explore the realistic tongue experience. 

        Mistress Mercedes Tongue Mouth Stroker

        The Mistress Mercedes Tongue Mouth Stroker is ready to give you a buzzing blowjob whenever you need it most. With an ultra-realistic textured tongue and throat, thrusting into this toy feels just like the real thing.

        PDX Elite Deep Throat Vibrating Stroker

        Enjoy a deep throat oral experience with the PDX Elite Deep Throat Vibrating Stroker. With an ultra-realistic mouth (and nose), soft lips, and a tender tongue, this toy's shaft warms to your body temperature for a realistic masturbation session.

        How to Use a Tongue Vibrator?

        tongue vibrators the best and top

        What if you could give yourself oral sex any time you wanted? This can sound like great news for women, seeing as more than 80% of people with vaginas can't orgasm from just penetration alone. Anyone can enjoy a tongue vibrator, whether you're using it on the clit, anus, penis, or other sensitive areas of your body.

        1. Start by holding your oral sex toy at a distance so that it's barely touching you. Then, put it on any setting you choose (you might want to start with the lowest setting unless you like to live dangerously — we don't judge).

        2. Once it's turned on, you'll feel a powerful flicking sensation and a deep vibration. Keep it on the clit to bring yourself to an intense orgasm right away. Or, circle the toy anywhere you like for full-body stimulation.

        Best Tongue Vibrators You Need to Try

        While there are sex toys that buzz and penetrate, sometimes you crave the feeling of a tongue going down on you. 

        When you're dying for some licking and flicking action, you need the best products to chase your orgasm. That's where Peachwood comes in. With a top-notch design and ultra-soft silicone, our tongue vibrators are designed to give you an experience that's guaranteed to feel just like the real thing or even better. 

        Ready to mix up your routine and add something extra to your vibrator drawer? You won't need to look far to find the best tongue vibrators on the market. Take a look at some of the products listed above, or explore the rest of our shop to find the perfect toy for you. 

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