Top 15 Best Vibrating Panties for Women

Vibrating panties are the sexiest items you can add to your toy or underwear drawer. There are many options out there, which is why we’ve curated our selection with care. This list of the top best vibrating panties for women highlights the cream of the crop. These are high-quality products that deliver on their promises.

That’s not all they deliver. There’s a lot for which you can thank vibrating panties — better orgasms, fun solo play, and intense couple stimulation. They’ve even provided some laughs in the funniest scene from the 2009 romantic comedy The Ugly Truth (although we don’t recommend wearing them to your next meeting with your boss).

So here are the 15 best vibrating panties around. You’ll also find answers to related questions: How do vibrating panties work? How to use a panty vibrator? In short, here’s everything you need to find the perfect wearable vibrator for you.

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Top Sexy Vibrating Panties

Sex therapists often suggest using sex toys to overcome a sexual rut. Whether you want to get back in touch with a partner or with yourself, these sexy garments will light a spark. 

  • Hookup Panties Remote Lace Peek-a-Boo

The Remote Lace Peek-a-Boo panties come with a lace window for a teasing peek at the pleasure underneath. But that doesn’t mean the sexy black g-string isn’t discreet. They’re slender toys designed to be worn under anything and taken anywhere.

Not enough? In addition to the 10-function bullet vibrator tucked in the inside pocket, these come with an additional pleasure plug. You can enjoy anal as well as clitoral, hands-free stimulation. 

The USB cord charges both the vibrator and the remote. It’s up to you whether you want to hold onto yourself or hand over the controls to someone else.

If you prefer more coverage, these panties also come in a bikini-style princess panty with a sheer back. 

The Hookup Panties Remote Lace Peek-a-Boo comes in sizes S-L.

  • Hookup Panties Remote Bow-Tie G-String
  • The Remote Bow-Tie G-String takes the signature Hookup Panties design and puts it into a deceptively sweet white g-string with a bow-tie in the back. You’ll get the same bullet and silicone pleasure plug for multiple pleasurable options. 

    It also may be a better option for looser comfort or larger pleasure-seekers. The Hookup Panties Remote Bow-Tie G-String comes in sizes S-L, and there’s a larger-size option that fits sizes XL-XXL.

    • Fetish Fantasy Series Date Night Remote Control Panties

    The Date Night Remote Control Panties come in a fiery red lace that fits their personality. But their ten pulsation patterns and heart-stopping appearance don’t get in the way of discretion. 

    Perfect for date night, these panties are comfortable and quiet. Best of all, your partner will never lose the remote. It’s a ring for one person to wear while the other put on the panties. 

    The string bikini ties at the sides, making it easy to tear them off when you’ve had enough foreplay. It also makes sizing flexible, and the one size of the Fetish Fantasy Series Date Night Remote Control Panties fits most.

    • My Secret Lover Pleasure Kit

    Why should one partner have all the fun? Get the Pleasure Kit, which comes with two pairs of vibrating panties and two controllers. 

    Waterproof and rechargeable, they’re designed to offer you hours of mutual pleasure. Just slip into one pair and give the other to your lover. You both get ring controllers, and the side tie lets most sizes wear them.

    With My Secret Lover Pleasure Kit, you need to decide who gets the red panties and the black.

    Remote Control Vibrating Panties

    Make their legs tremble from afar. These remote control vibrating panties will let you pleasure your lover from across the room. Or take them by surprise by being in a different room altogether. 

    • Eve’s Rechargeable Vibrating Panty

    Eve’s Rechargeable Vibrating Panty comes with a full dozen different speeds and functions for those who want options. Hand over the remote to a friend, or play with the contoured silicone bullet on your own. 

    The vibrator is waterproof and has on-device controls, perfect for bath time. Apologize to your rubber ducky. You have a new favorite bath toy.

    An adorable pink lace, Eve’s  Rechargeable Vibrating Panty also has a side tie to make sizing easier.

    • Hidden Pleasure Remote Controlled Vibrating Panty

    It’s hard to say whether the Hidden Pleasure Remote Controlled Vibrating Panty looks better from the front or the back. The curved vibrator nestles perfectly inside the front of the black string bikini, but the peek-a-boo window in the back offers a sexy view and other access.

    This model only comes with seven different functions — but do you need more? And unlike the models with only one side tie, you can undo both for effortless removal. 

    The Hidden Pleasure Remote Controlled Vibrating Panty won’t disappear altogether for those who like a little light in the darkness. Both remote and vibe have blue LED lights to indicate controls.

    • My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Panty Set

    This Vibrating Panty Set comes with ten functions. It’s exceptionally discreet and works at a greater distance than most models. Many remote control vibrating panties range from 35-40 feet, but you can send pleasure from up to 50 feet away with this ring remote.

    It’s battery-operated instead of rechargeable, but the 80+ minutes of playtime exceeds the lasting power of most rechargeable vibrators. Just make sure you have an extra AG13 battery on hand for when you need to replace it.

    Want to coordinate with your favorite bra? My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Panty Set comes in pink as well as white. Both come with string ties on both sides.

    • My Secret Screaming O Premium Ergonomic Vibrating Panty Set

    With the Premium Ergonomic Vibrating Panty Set, you could take it up a notch. The ergonomic design of the vibrator improves on the traditional bullet with a contoured shape. It’s perfect for allowing you to fully experience each of the 20 functions.

    The remote control is hand-held rather than a ring, but both vibrator and remote work with other Screaming O products. 

    With one side tie, My Secret Screaming O Premium Ergonomic Vibrating Panty Set fits up to a 60-inch waist.

    • Hustler Toys Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties

    With the sexy black thong of these Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties, you get a battery-operated device with a remote that works up to 45 feet away. 

    Like many designers, Hustler adds a retrieval string to its bullet, a thoughtful touch that opens up the vibrator to internal use and external stimulation. 

    Hustler Toys Wireless Remote Control Vibrating Panties come in size S/M.

    • Fetish Fantasy Series 10-Function Remote Control Fantasy Panty

    Had enough sweet lace panties? Want something with a little more edge? This 10-Function Remote Control Fantasy Panty may be for you. These panties come with a wet vinyl black look and the intensity that Fetish Fantasy always delivers. 

    The most significant difference between these and other battery-operated remote control panties is the placement of the vibrator. A small rubber plug is built into the panties themselves, and the bullet sits inside it. You insert the plug and prepare to enjoy quiet, internal stimulation.

    The Fetish Fantasy Series 10-Function Remote Control Fantasy Panty isn’t adjustable, but its elastic waist allows one size to fit most.

    Crotchless Vibrating Panties

    Crotchless Vibrating panties ramp up the pleasure possibilities. You and your partner can enjoy penetration and vibration with open access to these items.

    • Hookup Panties Crotchless Secret Gem

    The Crotchless Secret Gem is designed for anal play. There’s no g-string. Instead, the Hookup Panties’ “H-string” design opens the back. You slip the plug through the loop at the end of the front and then insert it to hold everything in place. 

    These panties don’t vibrate, but you’ll still enjoy your naughty little secret about your business. They’re also more discreet than vibrating panties. The stimulation comes from the natural shifts and movements of your body.

    The Hookup Panties Crotchless Secret Gem comes in sizes S-L.


    The Hookup Panties Remote Bowtie Bikini also uses the “H-string” design but adds a discrete remote-controlled vibrator to the front.

    • Fantasy For Her Crotchless Panty Thrill-Her

    The Crotchless Panty Thrill-Her has a split crotch that allows full access. Its design is delicate and girly — pastel purple, lace, and bows. 

    Don’t let the sweet look fool you. The bullet that tucks into the front of the panties has plenty of power. Please keep it for yourself, or share the remote with another.

    The Fantasy For Her Crotchless Panty Thrill-Her fits U.S. sizes 4-16.

    • Hookup Panties Crotchless Pleasure Pearls

    The Crotchless Pleasure Pearls take Hookup’s “H-string” design to the next level. In addition to the butt plug, which holds the panties in place, two strings of beads will roll against the crotch with every step or shift in weight.

    These pearls massage the wearer, but they can also massage the sides of the penis during penetration. Just slip between the two strings for extra sensation.

    The Hookup Panties Crotchless Pleasure Pearls fit size S-L.

    Vibrating Panties for Plus Size Women

    Pleasure is for all gender expressions, races, and body types. Hookup doesn’t leave out plus-size women who can especially enjoy both of the following: 

    • Hookup Panties Crotchless Pleasure Pearls

    Hookup Panties wants everyone to be able to experience its Crotchless Pleasure Pearls. The sexy “H-string” design also comes with a little extra room.

    This Hookup Panties Crotchless Pleasure Pearls model fits sizes XL - XXL.

    • Hookup Panties Remote Triple Teaser

    For the absolute ultimate in pleasure, there’s the Remote Triple Teaser. These “H-string” panties come with a:

    • The rechargeable bullet vibrator that sits against the clitoris
    • Ergonomically shaped pleasure plug for vaginal stimulation
    • Hookup butt plug to hold panties in place and provide more stimulation

    The Hookup Panties Remote Triple Teaser fits sizes XL-XXL.

    Dare to be bold.

    How Do Vibrating Panties Work?

    Most vibrating panties come with a small vibrator that fits into a compartment sewn into the undergarment. Once secured, you can activate the controls and move around without dislodging the vibrator.

    Their hands-free use makes them ideal for situations where you either want to be discreet or want to use your hands for something else. 

    Sexual devices such as vibrating panties are designed to enhance sexual well-being, recreation, pleasure, freedom, and diversity. They’re becoming increasingly popular both as a tool for personal exploration and as a sexual aid sometimes recommended in clinical practice.

    Vibrators can provide intense physical sensations. But their role in sexual activity can be psychological as well. Users invest them with desires and emotions that heighten their effect and often make the experience of intimacy more intense.

    Read: How to have Intense Orgasms?

    How To Use a Panty Vibrator?

    You can use your vibrating panties on your own or with partners. The most important thing is that you establish a safe and healthy space to explore the pleasure they offer. Once you’ve done that, you can experiment with confidence.

    Heighten arousal with vibrating panties

    Foreplay can start long before you reach the bedroom with the right pair of vibrating panties. Slip them on before dinner or a movie and let one partner tease the other at unexpected intervals. 

    Or have more fun doing chores with your partner by wearing them while you do laundry or wash dishes. Challenge yourselves to get through the whole task before giving in to the impulse to tear one another’s clothes off.

    Use a wearable vibrator during sex

    vibrator underwear during sex

    Wearing vibrating panties during sex can increase the sensation for you and your partner, regardless of gender. In non-penetrative sex, one or both partners can wear them to stimulate the other.

    Many people use vibrators and other means of external stimulation to enhance penetrative sex. Sex toys can be beneficial for women who don’t orgasm from penetration.

    Vibrators aren’t just for women. Any time you add vibration to sex, both partners will experience extra physical sensation — though it may not be equally intense.

    Check here a list of masturbators for men's

    Crotchless panties are best to add penetration, but you can also slide other models to one side. It may take a little trial and error to figure out how to keep the vibrator in the right spot.

    Use a panty vibrator for solo pleasure

    External, clitoral stimulation is the most common way women masturbate and the likeliest way women reach orgasm. But some people have trouble getting into the right frame of mind for enjoyable masturbation.

    By wearing your vibrator, you leave your hands free. You can use them to caress other parts of your body or hold a book. The ability to experience sensation without direct contact between your hands and clitoris can also make it easier to enter into sexual fantasies involving partner sex.

    You can build up to intense orgasm by gradually increasing the frequency or strength of vibrations. It can also help to repeatedly approach orgasm and then back off before finally giving in to it.

    Wear vibrating panties under your clothes

    Do you get a thrill from having a secret?

    You’re not alone. Many find taking risks arousing. Between the fear of discovery and the excitement of getting away with something, wearing vibrating panties can get you hot and bothered — and keep you there even as you go out into the world.

    vibrating panties under clothes

    Go ahead and wear them under your clothes. It can be your naughty secret, or you can let someone else in on the fun. If you involve someone else, establish clear ground rules about what is and is not allowed. Stay safe, and restrain any exhibitionist impulses to consenting partners.

    The Best Vibrating Panties for You

    But which vibrating panties are the best for you? 

    Vibrating panties may be popular, but purchasing a wearable vibrator is still an intensely personal experience. You need to find one that fits your body, needs, and household or relationship dynamics

    When choosing your pair, consider:

    • Appearance. Do you want frills or a more minimalistic look?

    • Sizing. Make sure that the model accommodates your size.

    • Vibrator functions. Do you want something with more options, or do you want something simpler?

    • Vibrator placement. Where do you want to feel the vibration — internally or externally?

    • Vibrator shape. Do you like the standard bullet or prefer a more curved design?

    • Remote range. How far away do you want to be able to use the remote?

    • Remote design. Do you want a ring you can wear or a standard remote?

    • Panty design. Do you want the item to be crotchless or to have double-sided ties for easy removal?

    • Power source. Do you want battery-operated panties or a rechargeable pair?

    • Extras. Do you want additional stimulation from a butt plug or other toy?

    No matter which combination you choose, Peachwood has the perfect pair of vibrating panties in stock. We carry only the best.


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