Top 21 Anal Toys for Beginners and Advanced Users

It doesn't matter if you're just curious about butt stuff or are already a seasoned pro. You've come to the right place if you're interested in backdoor play.

More than 2,000 pleasure-sensitive nerve endings surround the anus, meaning anal play might be the key to the pleasure you've been missing. From the infamous "assgasm" to enhanced sensations during sex, it's worth giving anal a try — as long as you have a healthy dose of lube. 

There's a wide range of anal sex toys, though, and finding the right one depends entirely on what works best with your body. So before we dive into recommendations on the best anal toys out there, let's first break down the world of backdoor exploration. 

For beginners and anal enthusiasts alike, this guide will help you connect with your body in a new way (with the help of some brand-new toys).

What's Up With Anal Toys?

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An anal sex toy can be robust investment in your sex life, no matter your anatomy. 

The anal area is full of nerve endings, making any kind of stimulation a uniquely pleasurable experience. Only 20% of the motor fibers are designed to control movement — the other 80% are reserved entirely for sensation. 

Even if you aren't for anal orgasms, backdoor play with anal toys can excite your whole body. Even a little pressure on the anus can send a shockwave of thrilling pleasure to your genitals. 

So what kind of anal toys can you experiment with? Here are some of the basic categories: 

  • For powerful anal orgasms, a prostate massager can stimulate deep into the "P-spot," a walnut-sized gland that sits behind the bladder and penis.

  • Whether you're just playing with the exterior of the anus or diving in for deep penetration, an anal vibrator can add another layer of powerful stimulation.

  • butt plug is designed to stay in place during sex, putting pressure on the prostate or the female A-spot.

  • While not explicitly an anal toy, a cock ring can delay ejaculation and enlarge the penis while you have some anal fun.

  • Some people prefer to go classic with a penis-shaped — or abstract! — dildo designed for deep and pleasurable penetration.

 Top 3 Best Anal Toys for Beginners 

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Maybe you’ve always found anal sex intriguing but haven’t yet worked up the courage to try it. Or perhaps you’re not sure about the idea — but you’ve heard so much about it, and you’re wondering how it feels. No matter the reason, if you’re attracted to anal sex, you’re not alone.

But jumping straight into uncharted territory can be intimidating, especially with your anus at stake. What if it’s too painful? What if you don’t have a suitable toy?

These feelings are entirely normal, especially if you haven’t tried anything down there before. But when you have the right tools and know-how, it’s also possible to overcome these sensations and learn more about how mind-blowing anal sex can be. And who knows? It might just become a bedroom staple.

To help pave the way towards a comfortable and pleasurable first-time anal experience, here are the top three anal sex toys for beginners. 

Aande Gem Anal Plug Set 

The Aande Gem Anal Plug Set is all about back door pleasure with an excellent, shiny metal surface. Choose from one of three sizes and enjoy the sensation of the flared shape inside you. With graduated sizes for easy anal training, you can work your way up to the butt plug of your dreams in no time. 

The material makes a great conductor, so you can warm or cool it to play with temperature. It also comes with a beautiful pink jewel to flash at your partner once you’ve fit it inside.

Fantasy For Her Little Gems Trainer Set

Why get one butt plug when you can get three? The Fantasy For Her Little Gems Trainer Set comes with soft silicone and a tapered tip, making it easy to insert the spade shape inside the anus. The flexibility makes it easy to stretch, loosen and relax the anus for even more anal play.

In three rich shades of purple, the plug also comes with a glittering gem at the tip. Once it’s inside, you can reap the rewards of your hard work and admire the beautiful jewel between your cheeks.

Booty Booty Camp Training Kit

With the Booty Booty Camp Training Kit, work your way to a powerful anal sensation with these long, rounded plugs. Each plug comes with the perfect tapered shape to fit every contour and hit every spot perfectly.

From small to robust, these sizes make anal exploration a breeze. Once you’ve conquered the smallest size, add more lube and work your way up!

Top 3 Powerful Anal Vibrators

What’s better than an anal sex toy? One that vibrates, of course. 

Anal vibrators can look like a dildo — or something else entirely — but they all have one thing in common: deep, powerful vibrations. Whether you’re penetrating or just circling the rim, vibrations can send a wave of sensation through your whole body.

If you’re ready to harness the power of vibrations, here are some of the best anal toys for men and women.

Anal Fantasy Collection Remote Control Silicone Plug 

While the tapered, silicone tip makes it easy — and pleasurable — to fill yourself up, the shape isn’t all this toy has to go for it. The Anal Fantasy Collection Remote Control Silicone Plug also delivers intense vibrations right where you need it. Stimulate the thousands of nerve endings in your rectum or even hit the P-spot with targeted, pulsing vibrations. 

This version comes with remote control, which means the only thing standing between you and your pleasure is the click of a button (and lots of lube).

Anal Fantasy Elite Vibrating Ass Fucker

Craving the feel and texture of a real cock? Look no further than the Anal Fantasy Elite Vibrating Ass Fucker, which comes with a perfectly sculpted, realistic design.

Enjoy the ribbed texture of life-like veins while the spring-loaded thrusting action reacts to your every move. With 11 unique vibrating functions, it sends dynamic vibrations deep inside, where it matters most.

3Some Holey Trinity 

With three tongues, you get triple the fun! The 3Some Holey Trinity is an exciting toy for people craving pleasure on all ends. 

These cleverly-curved silicone tongues are perfect for stimulating every part of your body — the anus, vagina, and clitoris. Triple-decker sensations can give you overwhelming pleasure, making this an excellent choice for people who can’t get enough stimulation in the bedroom.

Exclusive Butt Plugs

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of anal pressure to make your orgasms better than ever before. Butt plugs are perfect for inserting and leaving in during sex, or if you're feeling frisky, even while you're out and about. 

These exclusive butt plugs are the kind you can't get anywhere else. From designer looks to luxury feels, here are some of the best butt plugs to elevate your anal exploration.

Fantasy For Her Designer Love Plug Set

With the Fantasy For Her Designer Love Plug Set, you can enjoy all the arousing sensations of anal play in a beautiful purple package. Enjoy the feeling of being filled with two satisfying sizes. 

These sleek plugs come with tiny grooves running down the length to better hold on to the lubricant. Along with the tapered design, this makes insertion a slippery, comfortable experience.

Fetish Fantasy Gold Mini Luv Plug 

If you want a butt plug as beautiful as it is blissful, look no further than the Fetish Fantasy Gold Mini Luv Plug. This sleek metal plug is smooth to the touch, with a tapered tip and a broad base to make it safe for insertion. Once you've put it inside you, you'll see the sparkling crystal base winking back at you.

With a gorgeous gold finish, this sophisticated plug is a premium fetish must-have if you love style as much as you love anal play.

Over Easy Butt Plug

The Over Easy Butt Plug might have the classic butt plug shape, but it's anything but ordinary. It's crafted from gorgeous amber glass, and an egg-shaped tapered toy makes smooth insertion easier. 

The glass surface offers intense internal pressure against your most sensitive spots. It also retains heat and cold perfectly if you add temperature play into the equation.

Butt Plugs With Tails 

Unleash your inner animal with these butt plugs with a little extra: tails. Enjoy the feeling of the plug as it sinks into your sphincter while also feeling the brushing sensation of an actual seat behind you. 

With everything from floggers to bunny tails, these butt plugs will give you the edge you need in the bedroom.

Neon Bunny Tail 

Tap into your inner bunny with this adorable, fluffy tail. The plug on the Neon Bunny Tail is perfect for beginners, with a subtly tapered tip and a slender shape made from flexible silicone. The poofy pink bunny tail keeps it from slipping too far inside while adding extra-soft fun to your anal play.

Bliss Tail Spin 

Silky smooth and soft to the touch, this toy goes beyond the standard tapered shape of most anal toys. With the Bliss Tail Spin, you can enjoy the powerful internal stimulation from the perfectly shaped beads along the shaft. 

Once inside, grab the curved tail-like handle to readjust the angle or switch to one of nine vibration levels.

Icicles No. 49

This luxurious glass plug can help you work hard and play hard. Whether you are just starting with rough play or are a kink expert, this smooth anal plug comes with an extra surprise that you’ll love: a genuine leather flogger.

With Icicles No. 49, you can enjoy the excellent, rugged feel of the narrow glass plug while the leather tresses caress your backside. This elegant toy makes a great addition to any fetish collection.

Anal Sex Toy With C-Ring

There’s no denying it: Cock rings are a favorite in the bedroom for both solo and couple pleasure. These pleasure rings can keep the penis erect, enlarge the erection and prevent premature ejaculation. The powerful squeeze can also enhance sensations all over your erogenous zones. 

Cock rings are fantastic for pleasure, but what if there’s an anal toy attached? It’s a recipe for long-lasting pleasure and incredible fireworks on both ends. 

Here are some of the best cock ring anal toys for exploring the pleasure of double-stimulation. 

Fantasy C-Ringz Ultimate Ass Gasm 

This cock ring and anal vibrator combo comes with four vibrating bullets to power you to an explosive orgasm. Made from ultra-soft Elite Silicone, this cock ring doubles as a P-spot plug, letting the squeeze push your orgasm to the max while the plug hits the perfect spot inside you.  

You can enjoy the best of both worlds with the Fantasy C-Ringz Ultimate Ass Gasm. You can even wear it under your clothes for an added thrill.

Anal Fantasy Collection Ass Gasm Cock Ring Plug 

If you’re looking for something simple yet powerful, nothing gets the job done better than the Ass Gasm Cock Ring Plug

The stretchy silicone ring puts a powerful squeeze on the base of your cock, helping you maintain that perfectly sensitive erection. Meanwhile, the thin, curved shaft stimulates your prostate to make your orgasm more powerful.

Fantasy C-Ringz Ironman Ass Gasm 

Like its superhero namesake, the Fantasy C-Ringz Ironman Ass Gasm is about iron-clad stamina and powerful performance. This all-in-one anal ring toy, comes with three micro bullets that provide mind-blowing vibrations both inside and out.

The ball stretcher pulls down on your testicles while the ring clamps tightly around your shaft, helping you prolong your orgasm and create a powerful finish. And you can enjoy the vibrating plug massaging your prostate for backdoor bliss.

Top Quality Anal Toys With Remote Control

From prostate massagers to vibrating dildos, there’s another feature to these anal toys that can take your bedroom experience up a notch. With remote control, you can enjoy anal fun anywhere you want. Feel the thrill of having your partner control your pleasure while they’re next to you, in another room, or out of sight completely. 

Here are a few remote-controlled anal sex toys for prostate orgasm

We-Vibe Vector 

Our Vibe Vector is the ultimate prostate massager with its sleek, curved design. This toy has a flexible silicone that adjusts to the curves of your body to create the perfect fit and hit the ideal spot. 

After you slip it inside, press a button on the remote control to enjoy the subtle yet powerful vibrations, along with a gentle pressure designed to bring you to an intense prostate orgasm.

Anal Fantasy Elite Remote Control P-Spot Pro

The Anal Fantasy Elite Remote Control offers a complete sensory experience controlled by a remote. The cleverly curved shaft is crafted from ultra-soft silicone, creating a comfortable fit that adjusts to the contours of your body. 

With or without the remote, press a button to experience the powerful vibration and explosive results.

3Some Wall Banger P-Spot

Love to try new positions and take your sex toys to new places? The remote-controlled 3Some Wall Banger P-Spot makes that more accessible than ever. Stick the robust suction cup base wherever you want, from your bathroom floor to your bedroom door. 

Once it’s all set up, enjoy the ultimate hands-free experience and let the multi-function vibrating massager deliver powerful orgasms.

3 Anal Toys for Advanced Users

Some people might just be dipping their toes into anal play. But if you're a backdoor pro, you need more than just the basic beginner toy. You need something powerful and thrilling that can take you further than you've ever been before. 

These three anal toys are perfect for experienced users looking for a more advanced anal experience. 

Anal Fantasy Collection Insta-Gaper 

Challenge yourself by stretching to the max with the incredible Anal Fantasy Insta-Gaper. The narrow neck lets you hold it inside you while the tips expand, pushing you to widths that you never thought possible. 

This toy's silky smooth silicone makes it easy to insert while you enjoy the pleasurable feeling of near-impossible fullness.

Icicles No. 47

This elegant, hand-crafted glass massager makes for a sleek and thrilling experience. The graduated bulbs of the Icicles No. 47 massage your inner depths, while the feel of the toy's luxurious glass surface creates a powerful feeling of internal pressure. 

Just run it under hot or cold water to take your temperature play experience up a notch.

Icicles No. 43

Yet another addition to the Icicles collection, the Icicles No. 43 provides a similarly thrilling glass experience. With a long, beaded shaft and a heart-shaped handle, this elegant pink wand is perfectly curved to hit the right spots inside of you. 

Whether you're doing some solo temperature play or pushing yourself to an explosive anal orgasm with a partner, this upscale toy won't disappoint.

Anal Sex Toys for an Unforgettable Experience

No matter your experience level or what equipment you're working with, there's an anal toy that's perfect for you. From rimming exploration to intense prostate orgasms, there's so much to explore in the realm of anal play. You can set yourself up for a mind-blowing sexual adventure with a suitable toy.

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But remember: Take it slow and lube it up for the best possible results! 

Ready to venture into anal sex territory? For a smooth and pleasurable experience, just any old sex toy won't cut it. With superior design, top-quality materials, and powerful motors, Peachwood's anal toys are here to deliver the anal experience you deserve. 

Explore all of our anal toys, or step into our entire collection to find the perfect fit.


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