What Are the Best Sex Positions for Men?

The media often assumes that the best sex positions for men's pleasure put them in control. However, the data shows that there is more to the story.

While there are certain positions that men seem to favor as a whole, what sex position feels best for men depends on individual needs and desires. Indeed, some men are on the lookout for novelty or positions that offer the most stimulation. That said, other men who want to prolong sexual encounters look for positions that allow for more extended periods of stimulation before orgasming.

It's also important to remember that men think about their partners' comfort. In fact, according to a survey by Zava, hurting their partners is the most prominent fear men face when trying out a new position. And multiple surveys show that men tend to enjoy positions that allow their partners to take control.

So, whether you are a man looking for new positions or you want to help your male partner have more fulfilling sexual encounters, read on to explore the best feeling sex positions for men.

Going Deep

Male anatomy makes for unique sexual needs. Positions that allow for deep penetration tend to feel the most stimulating to men, and functions that will enable a partner to stimulate their balls or perineum manually can add an extra touch. We have a couple of position suggestions with this in mind.

Doggy Style

Dog Style

The survey by Zara mentioned above found that Doggy Style was the universal favorite position among both men and women. The position allows for deeper penetration, stimulating the shaft of the penis from base to tip. While it offers less control than Missionary, it's one of the best sex positions for men because it provides a great view of their partners' backsides. For men receiving this position, it can be excellent for triggering prostate orgasms.


Cowgirl sex position

The Cowgirl or Cowboy position places the receiving partner on top. The penetrating partner gets to lie back and relax. Since many positions require penetrating partners to make most of the movement, this position can be a welcome break. This is one of the best feeling sex positions for men because they can watch their partners' faces or enjoy the feeling.

‌A study in Women's Health Magazine indicated that this is the most popular of the positions men wanted to do with their partners more often. Men are happy to give away some amount of control for the fun of being able to sit back and relax.

What a View

what is the best sex position

‌Another consideration for what sex position feels best for men is the view. Favorite views vary from guy to guy, but most men prefer watching their partners' faces and front or their backsides. Since Missionary and other face-to-face positions are so common, many men are excited to get a view of their partners' butts simply for the novelty of it.

Reverse Cowgirl/Cowboy

reverse cow girl position

This is where the Reverse Cowgirl or Cowboy comes in. This position places the receiving partner on top but facing away from the penetrating partner. The penetrating partner would be hard-pressed to find a more idealistic view of their partner's butt as it moves up and down.


table top sex position

The Tabletop position is excellent for men who love to watch their partners' faces. The receiving partner lies on a horizontal surface, such as a bed or table, while the penetrating partner stands. It offers men all the control benefits of Missionary, but with a superior view for both partners.

Taking It Slow

taking slow sex position

For men who tend to ejaculate prematurely, a few positions can make sexual encounters last longer. These positions also tend to feel slower and more intimate, which is excellent for a more romantic atmosphere. Put on some slow R&B and make every touch count.


You already know this position from cuddling, but get ready to kick it up a notch. The penetrating partner is the big spoon and enters from behind. Spooning is great for manual stimulation for the receiving partner. It doesn't tend to allow for large thrusts, which can help keep men from going over the edge before they intend to.


In this position, partners lie down on their sides, facing each other. This position is intimate and romantic, perfect for men who like to watch their partners react to their movements. It's also excellent for manual stimulation. As with spooning, it limits the speed of thrusts.


A few must-have accessories can help good sex positions for men become great sex positions.


First on the list is lube. Lube is as essential for men as it is for women. Penises are as liable to get burned from friction as any other area of skin. It's also crucial for anal sex.


Mirrors are a great way to spice up almost any position. You would be surprised at how much difference it makes, even with common positions. Men tend to be more aroused by visual stimulation than women, so if you haven't given a mirror a try, now's the time.

Keep the Lights on

For the same reason that mirrors are great accessories, you may want to nix mood lighting for regular lighting. Men often like being able to see what's happening.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are an excellent option for men who need more stimulation. It can help men stay hard longer by restricting blood flow away from the penis.

However, cock rings can also be great for the receiving partner. Of course, a harder cock means more intense penetrating, making it more likely to cause G-spot or P-spot orgasms. Some cock rings are shaped to stimulate the receiving partner as well.

We happen to have a great selection of cock rings. Read on until the end of the article for our top recommendations.


Will a man orgasm every time in these positions? Well, not necessarily; no position is foolproof. It depends on the man, his body, and his relationship with his partner. For example, some men note that they cannot orgasm with oral stimulation alone. Of course, other men may orgasm more easily with oral stimulation.

Men are stereotyped as always being ready for sex, but the truth is that they require as much thoughtfulness and communication from their partners as women do to feel sexually fulfilled. Talking with your partner about needs and preferences can help make every sexual encounter that much better. It takes work, but it's pretty worth it for steamy, mutually satisfying sex.


While these positions may work for you and your partner, every man is unique. Talking about and experimenting with all sorts of sex positions will have the best results. Get ready for a sexy and eye-opening experience.


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