Fantasy For Her Vibrating Breast Suck-Hers - Purple

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Her breasts were aching for attention. She caressed her nipple with the soft, silicone of her‚ vibrating breast suck-her‚ and placed it over her entire boob. It greedily grasped her breast and left both her hands free. The dainty pleasure nubs tickled her sensitive skin as she pressed the On button for the lively little vibe. Immediately a rush of‚ sensual vibrations‚ tickled her nipple and an arousing pleasure swept throughout her breast. She could feel her body responding to the‚ exciting sensations. Her breath quickened as she placed the second‚ vibrating breast suck-her‚ over her other boob. A swift press of the button and another wave of awakening vibrations flowed throughout her upper torso. Ooooh, she felt a warmth spreading between the cleft of her legs. She wasn't prepared for the‚ intense pleasure‚ her‚ vibrating breast suck-her's were giving her. She felt her climax edging closer and closer until her entire body shivered as a‚ powerful orgasm‚ rolled through her. Oh yes, she thought, breast orgasms‚ really are possible.

It's all about Her.

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